"Rocket Car" fly to the goal with a car with a rocket

It is a game that flies or runs to the goal across various obstacles with a car with a rocket. You can not fly unless you pick up fuel that is falling on the way.

Access is from the following.
Rocket Car @ MoFunZone.com

Operate with the cursor keys, if there is fuel you can fly with the up key. Red granules fuel.

The golden fuel becomes empty in a certain time.

Hit the black bar and out.

Even if you hit a spider, it is out.

Even when it hit the flames of Koppa it was out.

It is not unnecessary to take all fuel.

The red rectangle is a switch, you can not clear it unless you push it all.

There are places where there is no fuel either.

Disappearing floor.

It was pretty painful at this stage.

As expected it will be a difficult stage in the second half.

Togete is terrible.

It seems that there are 30 stages in all but 29 could not be cleared.

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