"Tuper Tario Tros", the Mario-Tetris fusion game tells us that sometimes 1 plus 1 is NOT 2

We only have 24 hours a day. Therefore, there's a limit in the amount of games you can play. The longer you play a game, the shorter you can play other games.

Binding famous action game and a drop-puzzle game, this "Tuper Tario Tros" might be a nice solution for the problem. You build a foothold in Tetris mode and move on for a goal in Mario mode. Just give it a try. You will know sometimes 1 plus 1 is NOT 2.

Read on for detail.

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Click "1 PLAYER MODE", press Space or press S to start the game.

You move Mario by cursor keys, jump by X or S. Press + and - key to adjust volume of BGM and 0 to mute.

First the game looks just like the normal Super Mario Brothers stage 1-1, but soon you will meet a wall too high to jump over. You will be told to press Space to switch to Tetris mode.

So this is Tetris mode. You drop blocks to make a path for Mario. But you should be careful because blocks easily damage Mario when it hits him. In the mode, the screen scrolls automatically so you must keep your eyes on both blocks and enemies not to kill Mario.

You can erase blocks, as in Tetris by paving blocks within the same colored area.

This reminds us of Megaman stages.

Just switch to Tetris mode, drop some blocks. Now it seems a lot easier.

Pull down a flag to go beat the stage.

Now, where's a castle?

The countdown starts. You have to go Tetris mode, pile up blocks to build up the castle while dodging Goombas falling from pipes.

Time over and you are out.

Playing different games at the same time rather scrambles your brain. It's a bit challenging but worth giving a try.

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