"Super Norris" Chuck Norris goes for Princess Peach in place of Mario

He is a former Karate middleweight champion and also an actorChuck Norris. From the special characters played in the "hell of hell" series and others, there are things like Chuck Norris jokes in America, and many people are familiar with it, but instead of Mario Chuck Norris helped Princess Peach. There seems to be a game to go.

Kuba 's Kuribo' s are no longer at the footsteps of Chuck Norris' s tremendous power and are "no longer enemies", but at the end there is an unexpected ending.

Details are from the following.
This is the top screen of "Super Norris". Press the space key to start.

Game screen. The operation method is simple, "↑" jumping, "→" moving right, "←" moving left.

Even without hitting the block from the bottom, the block was destroyed simply by bumping.

Kriva does not jump and steps on as it is.

Truly Chuck Norris, no longer enemies.

Peach Princess who was thought to be in Kupa castle was discovered.

Here, I think that Peach Princess is helping one case and it is a shocking ending. Let's actually play and see what kind of endings are waiting.
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