Image of Mario worried that Princess Peach is not in dangerous eyes

It is a familiar story that "Mario and Luigi go to help Peach Princess who was kidnapped"Super mario brosHowever, it is still worried about various things while thinking about Princess Peach during adventure.

It is an image that imagines that Princess Peach is not in terrible eyes, but when you look closely, another character is in terrible eyes.

Details are from the following.

※ Although illustration, it includes a little grotesque expression, so attention is required for viewing.
This is the image Mario is concerned about Princess Peach. I seem to be mainly concerned about five things.
Imgur: the simple image host TeGxe.jpg

Let's take a look at each one. Can be eaten by Koppa.

It is made to participate in Russian roulette.

It is shaped to the face of Kriva.

I have a child with a koopa.

I am made to eat kinopio.

Because I am worried about this kind of thing, it may be desperate to help you even if it gets rubbed many times.

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