"Super Michael Brothers" Michael Jackson goes to help Princess Peach instead of Mario

Speaking of Super Mario Brothers has become a classic story that Mario goes to help Peach Princess who was kidnapped by Koppa, but "Super Michael Brothers" Michael Jackson goes to help instead of Mario It seems to be.

Basically I mentioned earlierMichael Jackson's MoonwalkerAlthough it is a combination of Super Mario Brothers, Michael's impossible action is worth seeing at one time.

Movie playback is from the following.
Super Michael Bros. | Flash Videos

The basic movement is a moon walk.

When you descend from a high place, decide a brilliant pose.

Michael's kick gets huge blocks of chunks shattered.

Michael Kick not only breaks the block ... ...

You can also create blocks.

Even if I am about to go to Warp Episode,

Michael Kick resolved everything.

The destination of the warp clay pipe ......

I rewrote it with Michael Kick.

Finally confrontation with Koppa.

Michael has fallen into the lava.

Princess Peach is a big pinch. What will become of Michael after this? Please check the shocking end result by playing from the following.
YouTube - Super Michael Bros. by sikamako

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