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At the top of the rugby world held every 4 years, the 2019 World Cup competition will be held at midnight on the 28thIt was decided to be held in Japan. The World Cup has been held six times so far, Japan has participated in all of this, but this is the first time in Asia to hold.

There are many issues to be cleared, such as economics and competition level, before the opening, but there are many new challenges, not to mention super-play by selected members from all over the worldBattle dance "Jaca"Expectations will be raised by having opportunities to see rugby tradition and history practice such as rugby in front of you.

So, tomorrowJuly 30. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on July 30th one year ago.

50 people who kept staring at the sun to see the Virgin Mary blindness - GIGAZINE

New York City Police take a movie shoots off a running cyclist will be released online - GIGAZINE

Ten private islands I'd like to visit, because it's OK at once - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
NEXCO West Japan | About the development of a new cleaning method for the toilet(Nanotechnology, a method of blowing a substance which gives a negative electric charge to a water bubble of 1 / 10,000 or less in diameter and makes it easy to adsorb to dirt)

Side effects are "blue body": treatment of spinal cord injury with edible pigment | WIRED VISION(Medical, administration of blue pigment to spinal cord injured rats recovered much faster than rats not administered)

"Odor eliminating" metropolitan and half JR East to pay 50 million yen - MSN Sankei News(In the problem that the drain pipe of the toilet at the station was not connected to the sewer but accidentally connected to the rainwater pipe)

Inappropriate management to female, free low accommodation to the first nationwide survey Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (1/3 page) - MSN Sankei News(It is pointed out that it is a source of funds for society and gangsters)

Three contradictions of the Minshuto's five promises - a woodcut diary(Politics, three conflicting combinations can be seen in the policy written in the manifesto)

Capital defense group Gyoho made a major reorganization plan for 50 years (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News(The military, the eastern region corps are abolished and the capital defense group is newly established)

Withdrawing the Indian Ocean maritime itself in January next Democratic policy - MSN Sankei News(How can we complement international and international society and maintain peace constitution?)

"Curry making" also philosophy Miyakonojo National College of Technology professor, unit certification in the report - News in the prefecture - miyanichi e press(I found that I was certifying the unit of "philosophy" in the report on how to make curry not related to education and lesson)

HEAVEN An 8-year-old girl raped by four boys is cut off by her family due to "family shame" - Arizona(There are a series of inquiries to the girls from the nation to treat international and parents, asking for donations and adopting a girl)

Iran] Execution after marrying and raping virgin's death row prisoner - Suzacu Late Show(It is illegal to execute internationally, a young virgin woman so "raped" legally ")

Child Abuse - Adult DVD: Adult DVD Athena Video | Adult DVD Mail order / Production(Education, child abuse as seen from the viewpoint of supervision of adult video)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): purchase price lower discounts are also acceptable Seven Eleven policy - business · economy(In the economy, the guidance bill stated "discount sales from 1 hour before the sale deadline" with "the right to decide the price is on the franchise side")

Food disposal at convenience store 1 store, 12 kilometers a day: economic news: money · economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Economy, standard bento 20 to 30 pieces, rice balls about 70 to 100 pieces are calculated every day at each store)

Yahoo! 1Q, advertising business declined for the first time in seven years - ITmedia News(Net sales, consolidated settlement of accounts for the April - June 2009 period increased sales and profits, but sales of our main advertising business decreased by 1.4% from the same period last year)

How to easily create a blog post called "content" * The story of a person making a homepage(Internet, use bookstores and Amazon to make eye-catching and easy-to-understand articles)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Hiko-ni bothers like the same original author - society(Copyright, authors and the city are again wearing "Hiko")

Do not work in your yearning (longing) industry: Damn of the island country Yamato(Problems of "yearning industry" that employment seekers come even if it is difficult to eat because the economy, work itself is the subject of longing)

Branding Tips that individual stores and others use to increase revenue using Web site - Kachibito net(There is something that is accessible to the access-up technique of personal site of a long ago)

List of Amazon Web Services services - RX-7 suitable days of riding(List of AWS services that can buy not only the web and network resources but also the hands of people)

Sagurume | Gourmet Search Site to Find Shops from People(We will search shops that are likely to match that person from the net, age, occupation, annual income etc.)

The law of not being able to speak to you for the first 30 seconds (= 30 seconds rule) - IDEA * IDEA ~ 100 managers' life hack blog(Psychology, the first 30 seconds is a game if you talk to an unknown person)

July 28, 2009 Stress management learned from the SDF(Stress management among mental and military personnel is the easiest to control)

【Wind (5) Do you need a marriage? 】 "High income" "Personality perfect" ... Ideal high consultant - MSN Sankei News(Society, for women consultation seeking high ideals, "Why do you ask your opponent?" Everyone seems to be clamoring everyone)

Exposing depression cards made by Waranote's older sister · Complete version(Internet, "I wanted to be born into an ordinary face")

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Fluctuate the narrowness of the sleeping train's private room(I am challenging the limit in a narrow private room of railroad, sleeping limited express)

Dailymotion - actiekatten - een Films en tv video(Movie, a kit that can fully arm your own cat)

Erotic book shop(Strange, a castle like a ruin of a man keeping erotic books in the mountains)

Order from one from nuclear power to writer! Tokai Spring craftworker trade recognized by the world × IT management Watanabe Roniki asking Tokai Spring Industry President (Part 1) | Eijiro Hara's "Strong medium-sized enterprises are different here" Management path of adversity listening to the top | Diamond Online(Industry, supporting production of products that chefs craftsmen who buy novel springs can not buy at a ask price)

Gunpla does not do resin flow analysis (1/3) - @ IT MONOist(The surprising answer that industry and dreadable mold technology rely on intuition and experience)

Good Design Expo 2009 【GOOD DESIGN EXPO 2009】(Design, everyone's things that are easy to use are thoroughly thinking about a good design)

Numbers that you can see at a glance the anomalies of zero anime - Tenon games of mind generation(Animation, works are made awesomely)

It seems that a cave where only metaquin came out was excavated with reading gauge DQ 9(It is fascinating that the game is spreading gamers nationwide by tremendous pressure)

How to read a large number of small files in the directory at high speed - While shooting and moving forward(It is possible to considerably increase the speed by acquiring the position on the disk and the disk in order from the closest one)

Fan Hanashi: au's augmented reality application was "realistic" - ITmedia + D Mobile(IT, the 3D map over the processing speed is more efficient than the live-view image for convenience)

A couple on the trip, Navi erroneous input arrives at 650 kilometers away | world overflow story | Reuters(IT, human error alone can not be prevented even with computers)

Source code of the program used in Apollo 11, open to the public - Slashdot Japan(Program, you can see the code written simply)

Aerial mechanism - masterpiece of the universe No, 10(IT, Apollo 11's computer is often compared with Nintendo, but in terms of hardware it will still be upgraded to Apollo 11)

I tried my best and read it. Translation of English article from deviation value 25 - Mitsudden cloudy diary(English, it is important to make work process to put emphasis where to draw hands)

Mr. Nobuhi Tajima, who runs at 4301 meters above sea level, won four consecutive videos (video) | WIRED VISION(The Japanese wins the "Pikes Peak International Hill Climb" car called "Race heading toward the clouds")

Death-breaking thesaurus(Language, an attempt to thoroughly paraphrase the word "die")

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