Game "99 bricks" game that balances the blocks and builds them higher

Game "99 bricks" to challenge how high 99 blocks are stacked. Although it looks like Tetris at first glance, it will never disappear even if you arrange the blocks side by side, and it will build up steadily. When the operation block touches somewhere a bit, it becomes impossible to operate, and the block rolls when you lose the balance, so practice becomes necessary to build up high.

Although it is a simple operation, it has been made deep and it is addictive that it becomes obsessed with it.

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Play 99 Bricks, a free online game on Kongregate

To operate, move the block with the "→" and "←" keys, rotate the block with the "↑" key, and rapidly descend with the "↓" key. The "Esc" key displays the menu screen.

Although it looks like Tetris at first glance, it does not disappear even if one horizontal row block is lined up.

If you do not build up with a balance, it will collapse.

It will look like this if you build up well balanced.

It is not very difficult to arrange in cleanliness, but it seems to be quite difficult to build a thin tower to secure the height.

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