"PERFECT BALANCE" game which accumulates in a well-balanced manner so as not to drop the block

A game that stacks the prepared blocks so that they do not fall below the screen. There is not one way to accumulate correct answers, so there is fun to work out imagination how you can clear it without dropping the block if you do.

Details are as below.
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Start screen. Choose whether BGM and sound effects are present or not and click the difficulty level to start the game. At the beginning, you can only select "HARMONY".

First of all, select the favorite thing from the block on the screen by clicking.

Move it to the place you want to load and click again to release the block. Furthermore, "A" and "D" on the keyboard rotate the block, "R" resets, "Q" and "E" change the stage, and "ESC" opens and closes the menu.

Game over if you break the balance and drop the block. Reset with 'R' and try again.

If you load all without dropping the block it will be stage clear. There is not one correct answer, so please build it up as you think.

A triangle or a round block also appears when advancing the stage.

Difficulty level "HARMONY" 40 After clearing the stage, you will be able to play "INFERNO" stage.

This is the "INFERNO" stage. As the number of blocks increases, it becomes a color like blood clouds, and BGM also feels bad.

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