Reverse Tetris 'Fudge' review that breaks down the already stacked Tetrimino

Contrary to the falling object puzzle ' Tetris ' that stacks blocks well and erases them, the puzzle ' Fudge ' that cuts down already stacked blocks has appeared, so I played it.

Fudge by vividfax

Access the link above and click 'Run game' to start the game.

Three types of Tetrimino and a large amount of blocks come out.

First, click the blocks so that the shape of the theme Tetrimino on the left is completed. If the shape matches and there is no block under it, the completed Tetrimino will fall.

Even if you make a Tetrimino shape, if there is a block under it, you are out. Click again.

As Tetrimino is completed and falls, the number of 'low score', which is not the high score displayed on the right side, decreases.

If you can't make Tetriminos, click '[R]eroll' on the upper left or press the R key to reroll the theme.

You can reroll as many times as you like, but every time you reroll, the blocks that should have been erased will be revived. It is important to erase according to the theme.

This time I managed to get to the remaining 4 blocks, but in the end I couldn't achieve all erasure. It's a very difficult task to erase all because luck factor is also involved.

You can also check the state of play in the following video.

Reverse Tetris puzzle game 'Fudge' that cuts down blocks - YouTube

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