A new sense game browser game "CYX" with plenty of addiction that allows you to play a game with a five-point array on a spherical face

Placing a go stone alternately on the board, it is the 5th grade that the player who arranged five go stones on the straight line will win, but it is possible to play the game of the fifth grade on the sphere in terms of the ball "CYX"is. CYX can play only by opening the URL from the browser, and because it is said that two players are also prepared besides one player playing against the CPU, I actually played it.

CYX · Browser Game · WebGL · Leap Motion

You can see what kind of game CYX is by watching the following movie.

I tried to play the HARD mode of the new sensation game "CYX" - YouTube

CYX's siteOpen this time, click "SOLO (EASY)" for single player.

When the game starts, a sphere with hexagons and pentagons is displayed in the center. The rule of CYX is that one who fills the mass alternately and who finished one of the four forms in the red frame on the left of the screen first wins. Although it is slightly irregular, it can also count pentagon even as hexagon.

The player's mouse cursor is displayed as an orange dot, and you can move the sphere by moving the mouse while holding down the left click of the mouse.

For the first play, click on the appropriate square.

When clicked the color of the edge of the mass changed to orange. The moment of filling in the trout, the blue CPU also fills up the trout.

For the time being, filling in the squares so that they are lined up side by side, the CPU has filled a very far place.

By saying "EASY mode", I anticipate "CPU is not so strong", I will try to arrange three without thinking of defense.

The CPU began filling in squirts at a distance. Probably it is connected with the square visible at the bottom of the screen, it seems to be arranging six on a straight line.

As soon as it is okay, arrange the trout aiming at the shape of a triangle.

Again, it seems that the CPU is aiming at six arranged in a straight line.

I can fill up the six CPU misalignment here and find a square where victory gets closer to me so I fill it up.

Since the CPU intends to extend the blue mass on a straight line without overworking such as this movement, I tried one hand that included the meaning of defense for the time being.

CPU finishes in the second two.

Here I filled the trout and made a shape of double reach.

You can fill one in blue ... ...

Click on the location of the red frame and the shape of the triangle is successfully completed.

And it is victory. I am in EASY mode, so I have no response, but I understood the rules of the game in general.

After clearing the EASY mode, try playing because the NORMAL mode is unlocked.

I tried playing the NORMAL mode of the new sensory game "CYX" - YouTube

NORMAL mode is different from EASY mode, so you will get scooped if you play without thinking about anything. Because it was not a level that would be one of the defensive battles, however, it is unlikely to be defeated if you fill the trout while thinking about the shape of the finish while doing defense.

NORMAL mode is also cleared safely. What I have learned up to this point is that, among the four forms that you can make if you make it, practical is "to line up on 6 straight lines" or "triangle". It seems to be quite difficult to complete "hexagonal enclosure" and "pentagon".

After clearing NORMAL mode successfully, next challenge HARD mode.

I tried hard mode of the new sensory game "CYX" - YouTube

As far as HARD is concerned, the level of CPU is considerably higher. We will prefetch the shape we are thinking to bring into a finish, such as a triangle or a straight line, and fill in the trout. Although I'm getting losing when I am distracted ... ...

I managed to win once I played without losing my aggressive attitude.

And finally I will challenge the unlocked EXPERT mode.

In EXPERT mode, the difficulty level is overwhelmingly higher than the previous level. Because it is instantaneously killed when it is out of hand, most of defense battle deployment. Even if I played many times, I lost in about 20 minutes, and in the end it was a tiebreak which caught up in a long-term battle of 30 minutes by the tactics which do not let others win.

CYX is a few minutes if it is not EXPERT mode, about 5 minutes at most, so you can feel free to play when time is available for a while. Also, as we constantly think about what shape we are targeting and "where to fill the mass to fill the shape," he always plays and thinks, so the sense of accomplishment when the strategy gets splendid is exceptional. However, in EXPERT mode, difficulty is high enough to be able to boast to someone when winning, it can happen that many hours have elapsed when the defeat was regret and played many times. Is required.

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