A cute-looking and transcendental jelly fusion puzzle game 'Yugo Puzzle' play review

Mr. Tatsunami, who has created many masterpiece puzzles such as ' Slightly sly puzzle ' and ' Jelly puzzle ', released 'Yugou puzzle', a puzzle game that moves and fuses jelly on October 14, 2021. It is said that the design has a warm atmosphere, but it is a skeletal puzzle game with a transcendental difficulty, so I actually played it and checked what kind of game it was like.

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Steam: Yugo Puzzle

Yugo Puzzle is a puzzle game with the goal of 'sticking all the jellies of the same color together'. Colored jellies such as yellow, red, and blue are placed on the stage.

These jellies can be dragged to jump left or right ...

If jellies of the same color are placed next to each other on the top, bottom, left, and right, they will stick together to form one.

If you stick all the jellies of the same color together, it will be clear.

As mentioned above, the conditions for clearing the Yugo puzzle are simple, but the restrictions on the movement and coalescence of jelly create a challenging difficulty. For example, in the following scene, it is clear if you attach one more yellow jelly, but it is impossible to clear because the jelly cannot jump over the height of one block.

Also, the jelly can be attached freely vertically and horizontally, but once attached, the jelly cannot be separated, so in the following cases, the yellow jelly will become immovable.

In addition, the jelly is moving while jumping a little, so if the destination space is only the same height as the jelly as shown below, the head will get caught and you will not be able to move.

If you want to move to such a space, just press the jelly you want to move with another jelly. In the case of the image below, I was able to move to a narrow space by pressing the blue jelly with the red jelly.

When I proceeded with the game based on the above rules, I encountered a situation where I wanted to stick yellow jellies together, but I couldn't cross the step.

The jelly arrangement at the start of this level (stage) looks like this. If you move the blue jelly to the position of the red frame, it seems that you can cross the step based on the red jelly ...

I couldn't think of a way to get the yellow jelly over the steps, even after a lot of trial and error.

For such a case, Yugo Puzzle has a 'hint' function.

However, this hint feature has a limit of 'up to 3 times a day'. If you actually know the limit on the number of times and select 'Yes' ...

The solution halfway is displayed in a separate window as shown below.

The hint does not point to the answer directly, but it is very effective when you say 'I am wrong from the first move' or 'I am overlooking something big'. There are many things that can be solved if you know the beginning, and in such cases, even after seeing the hint, you can actually feel the joy of solving 'I see!'.

In addition, as you advance the stage, there is a new element called 'half-height step' ...

A new element called 'Jelly that when the jelly is on top, one end sinks and one end rises' has also appeared. The basic rules remain the same, but you'll never get bored with new elements as you progress.

The basic rules of Yugo Puzzle are simple, but the combination of these simple rules realizes a difficult level that can sometimes be called villainy, which is exactly the word 'deep' in a puzzle game. Sometimes one stage can be annoying for tens of minutes, but it is worth the difficulty that you will definitely get an overwhelming refreshing feeling when you reach the stage clear by trial and error or using the hint function. There was a response.

Yugo Puzzle is available on Steam for 690 yen including tax. At the time of writing the article, there are Windows version and Mac version.

Steam: Yugo Puzzle

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