'Global Sequencer' where the accidental combination of 'sounds posted by people all over the world' is interesting

While there are no signs of a pandemic convergence, such as the Omicron strain of the new coronavirus that appeared in November 2021 being designated as a Variant of Concern (VOC) , 'I want to travel abroad and experience the local culture. There should be many people who say, 'I can't do it easily.' By accessing the 'Global Sequencer ', you can touch various sounds recorded from all over the world from your PC or smartphone, and randomly combine them to create your own original phrases.

Global Sequencer

If you play the following movie, you can see what kind of sound you can hear with Global Sequencer in one shot.

I tried to compose with 'Global Sequencer' that you can enjoy by connecting sounds posted by people all over the world-YouTube

When you access the Global Sequencer , it looks like this. First, tap somewhere on the screen.

Then, a globe with colorful dots will be displayed. You can rotate the globe by dragging it up, down, left, and right, and you can zoom in and out by pinching out and pinching in. To try it, tap one of the dots.

Then someone's voice was played.

By tapping the point on the globe, you can hear the singing voices, environmental sounds, and musical instrument sounds registered by people all over the world.

You can also register your own sounds in the 'Global Sequencer'. To record, tap the button surrounded by the red frame.

Recording will start, so record your favorite sounds and voices. Tap the button again or the recording will end after a certain period of time.

You can delete the sound by tapping the 'x' on the left, play the sound by tapping the play button in the center, and post the sound with the check mark on the right.

The posted sound will appear on the globe after a certain period of time and will be heard by others. Tap 'Continue' to return to the previous screen.

Tap the red frame at the bottom left to switch to sequencer mode.

In this mode, by tapping some squares on the map and then pressing the play button at the bottom left, the sounds randomly selected from the posts in the area of the tapped square will be played continuously in order, as if it were one-phrase music. You can enjoy it like this. You can also randomly specify a cell by pressing the shuffle button to the right of the play button.

Tap the button in the red frame to change the sequencer mode to a globe. The sound is three-dimensionalized like the waveform of the audio spectrum, so you can enjoy it more visually. You can also scratch the sound like a turntable used by DJs by moving the globe up, down, left and right with your finger.

Press the button to the left of the red frame to start recording, so you can change the tempo or scratch the globe with the slide bar to the right and record it while playing the original phrase. ..

The recorded sound can be uploaded to SNS from the left button, downloaded as an mp4 format movie with the right button, or shared as a URL with the 'Copy link' button below. The movie at the beginning was made in this way.

'Global Sequencer' is a site created by

sound designer Yuri Suzuki as part of the Sound Design Festival in Hamamatsu 2021 which is being held from Saturday, December 11, 2021. Detailed usage of the site and Yuri Suzuki's message can be viewed from this link (PDF file). You can also search for '# HamamatsuSDF2021 ' tags to see works created by others and uploaded to SNS.

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