Minesweeper ``Mineplacer'' that installs mines that can be played for free by yourself to meet the conditions

Contrary to Minesweeper, which finds the location of mines using numbers as hints, ' Mineplacer ', which installs mines to match the numbers of open squares, is open to the public for free. Unlike Minesweeper, where

you are forced to play a game of luck in the end, you will set it yourself, so you won't ruin everything by stepping on a mine at the very end. It's an excellent game that becomes more interesting at an accelerated rate, so I tried playing it immediately.

GitHub - sile/mineplacer: Prepare for a game of Minesweeper by placing mines!


You can see what kind of game 'Mineplacer' is by watching the following 20-second movie.

Free game ``Mineplacer'' that can become a mine builder who is not a mine sweeper Challenge 8 × 15 squares-YouTube

'Mineplacer' has two game modes: '8 x 15 squares' mode or '16 x 30 squares' mode. For starters, click the button surrounded by a red frame to play in the '8 x 15 squares' mode.

Then, the game started with all squares open at once. Of the red frame part, the left is the elapsed time and the right is the remaining number of mines to be installed.

The number of hints written on the square represents the condition of the mine to be placed. For example, '1' in the red frame below means that one mine must be installed in the surrounding squares including that square.

By clicking, the mine has been buried. In Minesweeper, you can right-click to mark a mine, or press the left and right mouse buttons at the same time to open a square at once, but the operation of 'Mineplacer' is simpler because it only clicks.

If you place a mine when the number is ``2'' or higher, the surrounding squares with a number of ``1'' will be filled, and the number of squares with a number of ``2'' or higher will be reduced by one. Also, although it is a little hard to see, small numbers are also displayed on the squares where the mines are buried as shown below.

I got stuck because I put the mine in the wrong place.

In such a case, you can start over by clicking the mine that has already been placed.

It is clear if all mines can be placed safely.

Next, the following movie doubles the speed of the '16 x 30 square' mode challenge.

Free game ``Mineplacer'' that can become a mine builder who is not a mine sweeper Challenge 16 × 30 squares (playback at double speed)-YouTube

If you place too many mines, the squares with too many mines will be marked with an exclamation mark, which can be used as a hint to notice your mistakes.

The biggest feature of 'Mineplacer' is that unlike Minesweeper, you are the one who sets mines, so you don't step on mines and get game over. After playing a few times, you'll soon be able to figure out where to place the mines, and you'll be able to concentrate just right, so it's a perfect game for killing time, just like the original.

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