``Minesweeper spoiled by AI'' that AI solves all the parts that can be solved by Minesweeper and becomes a mere luck game

Based on the information ``how many mines are there around the square'', AI is added to the puzzle game ``Minesweeper'' that identifies the location of the mines more and more, and the place where it is possible to specify that there are mines in theory is AI ' Minesweeper spoiled by AI ' that solves everything has appeared.

Minesweeper spoiled by AI


The rules of Minesweeper are very simple, just click on squares without mines. The remaining number of mines is displayed in the upper left, and the number of mines is displayed as a hint in the squares adjacent to the mines, so based on this, we will avoid the 'square with mines'.

Right-click to place a flag where you think there is a mine. It is clear if you can open all squares without mines.

The rules are exactly the same for 'Minesweeper spoiled by AI'. However, according to the messages 'I do the brain-testing part for you' and 'You do the luck-testing part', the reasoning AI will do the part that can be solved with.

Six types of modes are available, from '8 x 8 with 10 mines (12% of the total)' beginner to '68 x 48 with 777 mines (24% of the total)'. You can also change the answer speed of AI.

When I actually play the beginner level, it looks like this.

Play 'Minesweeper spoiled by AI' beginner mode (8 × 8, 10 mines) - YouTube

The first square opened is '2'. Two of the eight adjacent squares are mines, but the location of the mines cannot be identified by this alone, so the AI does not move.

The second open square is blank, meaning it is not adjacent to a mine. In this case, according to the basic rules of Minesweeper, the surrounding mines and non-adjacent squares will automatically open.

When the hint was displayed, the 'thinking' face icon began moving around the field. We will set up flags at the location of more and more identifiable mines.

The top left is the number of remaining mines, and the top right is the elapsed time. You can see the AI identifying mines almost without thinking.

This time, all mines were identifiable as it was, so the game was cleared without the player opening the third square.

I tried 'Mine2000' where 777 landmines are buried in a 68 x 68 field that should increase the number of places to get caught.

I tried playing Mine 2000 (68 × 48, 777 mines) of 'Minesweeper spoiled by AI' - YouTube

Luckily, the first open square created a small space and the AI started to move.

AI that identifies more and more landmines. In addition, since it is possible to operate while the AI is moving, for example, the part marked on the right side can be found from the hint of '4' that there is a mine on the left square, so it is OK to set up a flag arbitrarily . I decided not to disturb the AI this time.

Eventually, AI stopped with 272 mines left. There are no more landmines that can be identified by hints in the visible range, so humans are told to 'open the square with luck.'

However, when you open a few mines, you step on a mine and the game is over.

It's frustrating, so I tried Superman mode with 500 mines at 50x50, which seemed a little more manageable.

I tried playing Superman mode (50 × 50, 500 mines) of 'Minesweeper spoiled by AI' - YouTube

Since the speed of AI has been increased, the processing proceeds at once.

Identify half of mines in no time.

Surprisingly, the human turn came around at the remaining four. Only the upper and lower right areas remain.

Fortunately, I was able to open the bottom right, which remained large, with one shot, but there are two mines here. In other words, the remaining two out of the four squares above are mines. A game of luck.

Survive 1/2 and clear.

Yusuke Endoh, the creator, commented, 'Human work is only to take responsibility.'

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