"Line Runner" which draws a line so as not to hit an obstacle and runs a character

A game that competes for the time spent and the average speed by winning the ring while avoiding mines. As I think as if I should draw the line normally, as acceleration accelerates, it will be the time to check where the landmines are. In a sense, it might be a game of luck and spirit.

Access is from the following.
Line Runner and other Free Internet games @ CrazyMonkeyGames.com

There are three modes: Normal, Survival, Free Run.

Normal is the goal to run in the shortest time.

I take rings while avoiding mines.

Speed ​​down as you hit a mine.

Taking the candy ....

Gravity is reversed. Because landmines are in various places above and below, I do not think there is such a merit ....

Take the pizza ...?

A goal in a little while.

Time is 57 seconds 89.

Survival aims to keep running as long as possible. The ring has a slight change in the effect of the item +1 for life and 3 for life mine.

Life at the start is 6. Game over with two landmines.

Take a ring and earn life.

Some enemies came out ....

I could not proceed at all.

Free Run competes for the average speed.

It is too late at 34 km / h.

I will raise the average.

Running so as not to drop the average.

However, land mines are well arranged and it is difficult to increase the speed.

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