Racing game running on the shopping cart "Trolley Racer"

It is a racing game which rides a shopping cart which is supermarket. Let 's have fun in the game as we actually get angry.

Access is from the following.
Trolley Racer - built by Inbox Digital for UCAS Media

Firstly, I chose male character or female character.

If you click on the left side you can practice with the university name selection, right if there is no input.

It seems that he can record the score against the university.

Operation is cursor keys only. Press the Up key to start.

You can also delete the mini map in the lower right. Basically it may not have time to watch.

A checkpoint between the blue lights. Let's run through within a maximum of 20 seconds.

Taking the clock mark, the remaining time is +5 seconds.

Take a hamburger and boost.

The remaining 6 seconds, time has run out.

If you leave the checkpoint, the remaining time will recover.

I do not care for red drinks, but good luck.

When you take it, the screen shakes and it roars. This is interesting in this.

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