The game "The Battle" that develops infantry, tanks, helicopters, etc. and destroys opponent bases

It is a game that creates an army by using a less abundant budget well and destroys the opponent's base. At the beginning you can only make basic units, but by turning money into development you will be able to make powerful units and attack power will rise. Although we will automatically move and attack the unit we made, you can give instructions with your own hands or bombard from your base.

Access is from the following.
The Battle

title. Start the game from "PLAY GAME" at the top of the menu.

Difficulty selection. I play for EASY for the time being.

A hint is displayed at the beginning of the stage.

A unit that can be produced at the bottom left, technology development on the right side. Consumption population for each unit is decided, for example Level 1 can only produce within a maximum of 20 frames.

This is a power relationship. Those with green arrows are advantageous for your unit, red arrows are advantageous for enemy units.

Infantry sortie. Enemies also produce more and more.

Defeat all enemy units and win. There was more victory over destroying the enemy base than the victory at unit defeat overall.

The tank goes. It is the production base of each army that the green flag and the brown flag are landing. If you do not keep this, your income will be gone.

An enemy base already on the verge of destruction.

Battle in the center of the stage. What is visible on the left is a battery. This is neutral at the beginning, you can make the situation better by holding down earlier.

Level 7. The enemy is drawing out an air force.

Level 15 is the last stage. We already have enemy bases on the verge of destruction.

How deformed, to a huge robot. Attacking in land, sea and air space.

It also supports bombardment from the base. In addition, base bombardment costs money per shot, but it is fairly efficient as it can shoot with your aim and shoot. When your troops are likely to be trampled on enemy tanks, let 's use support bombardment well.

I struggled hard on robots, but I managed to win.

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