Puzzle game collection "Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection" which runs on all-you-can-eaten Windows / Mac / Unix for free by playing free of charge

A puzzle game collection which collected 39 kinds of deep games even though it is a simple rule is "Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection"is. You can start by clicking on the game you care about from the browser, and games that got stuck with each other were gathered when you actually played.

Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection

In Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection, you can play as many as 39 kinds of puzzle games as you like.

Below each thumbnail image there are four links "java" "js" "manual" "(game name) .exe". "Java" isJAVAUse, "js" uses JavaScript, you should be able to play with either web browser. "Manual" can be downloaded manually (English) as its name and "(game name) .exe" can download game executable file.

For example, when you start the game "Signpost" it looks like the following. The upper half is the play screen, the rule is written in the lower half.

Signpost is a game that clears when it can trace the arrow written in the 4 × 4 square and connect all from No. 1 to No. 16. Arrows indicate the direction in which you can move, and dragging the "↓" mass moves you to one of the unused squares in the downward direction.

When you move from the first square to the second square, the arrow points to "→", so you can proceed to one of the three squares on the right.

In this way you can crush the mass and eventually you can clear it if you reach the square marked "16" if 4 × 4 square. However, the difficulty level of this game goes up as it becomes late in the second half, for example, if you look at the mass that you can proceed with the following No. 9 trout, you can not go anywhere and you can see that it is "packed".

In such a case, click "Undo move", you can return the mass to the order of movement. There are other tabs such as "Restart game" and the content of this tab list is almost the same in every game.

If you can not solve by all means click "Solve game", the screen after cleared with one shot will be displayed.

On the contrary, if you feel that "difficulty level is unsatisfactory", you can also increase the difficulty level of the game, such as by increasing the square eye from "Select game type", and play it.

Next challenge the puzzle game "Net". Net is a game called Clear if you click on the square where output source and wiring are drawn, rotate it, connect all wires so that they do not overlap and form a network.

For example, if you click the black output source in the middle ... ...

It rotates clockwise.

The wiring connected to the output source turns blue and it is reflected in the number of "Active" under the puzzle. If you are 5 × 5 square, you should turn all 25 sites into Active.

When cleared it is like this.

When we get the most squares, it becomes an extremely large stage of 13 × 11 squares, and no response is answered.

Lastly I play a puzzle game called "Pegs". Pegs clears if you can clear the blue circle (peg) displayed within the frame until it becomes the last one.

The blue peg can move to a gray hole, for example drag the following peg ......

Drop in the gray hole in the middle.

Then the peg that straddled the peg disappeared. Because we can only move pegs vertically or horizontally "Hole that exceeds one peg", the rule is very simple and very simple. However, the difficulty level will rise as the latter half, and if you erase it blindly, it will be impossible to collect an isolated peg.

I played about 10 games for about 1 hour, but I could only erase the remaining 2 on the easiest stage, and I abandoned it clearly. Also, there is no tab for "Solve game" in this game, so there is no other way than solving it by yourself.

The most difficult stage is a 9 × 9 square arranged at random, even difficult to imagine even until it becomes the last one.

Every game is simple, but it's not too easy, so there are plenty of puzzle games that will hook you up. People who like puzzle games should be happy if they bookmark them.

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