Game 'Cursors' where everyone moves the mouse cursor at the same time to clear

The browser game 'Cursors ' can be enjoyed just by moving the mouse cursor, and although it is a simple game, it is possible to play various games such as cooperating with many other players or disturbing other players. I actually played it and checked it.


After opening the above URL, click 'Click to begin'.

'Cursors' is a simple game that moves the mouse cursor to reach the 'green area' and advances to the next stage.

This is Stage 1, and the one with a yellowish tint around the cursor is my cursor. For stage 1 like a maze, move the cursor and bring it to the green area of the goal.

Of course, the black wall is designed so that it cannot be penetrated.

Stage 1 is easy to clear.

Stage 2 is the next stage in only one of the three green areas. As a test, if you touch the green area on the far right ...

I have returned to stage 1. Apparently it was an incorrect answer.

After making several mistakes, the green area above turned out to be the correct answer. If you move the cursor while holding down 'Shift', you can draw a black line, so I drew a guide with an arrow so that other players can see which is the correct answer.

Now you are in stage 3. The above is the basic way to play 'Cursors'.

There are many stages in 'Cursors', and you can play psychological warfare using the line drawing function or cooperate with each other. So, I played 'Cursors' for a while and picked up some stages that I enjoyed.

Narrow road stage of browser game 'Cursors' --YouTube

This is a stage where the road width is getting narrower.

If you touch the red area ...

It will be returned to the starting point.

Proceed carefully and are passing through the narrowest road. Since the collision detection is not so strict, it was possible to pass even with rough control.

You can check the stage that you click with other players from the following.

Clicking stage of browser game 'Cursors' --YouTube

This stage is a stage where the center is blocked by a red wall. To capture, place the cursor on the red box labeled '50' on the left side of the screen ...

I will click it. When everyone clicks, the numbers decrease at a tremendous speed.

When the number reaches '0', the red wall disappears and you can move on to the next stage.

You can check the stage that can not be easily advanced without the cooperation of other players from the following movie.

A stage where everyone in the browser game 'Cursors' cooperates-YouTube

A stage where red and blue blocks block the passage in front of the goal. There are blue and red blocks called '5' on the upper right and lower right of the stage, and unless someone goes to the block of '5' and clicks to set the number to '0', the block in front of the goal disappears. not.

When I clicked on it to help other players and reduced the number, the other player drew 'THX (Thank you)'. Somehow it makes me feel happy.

This time, it will be pasted in front of the goal just as it is the turn to finish, but the player who is clicking the blue block will stop clicking when the number of the block becomes '1', and it will be difficult to reach the goal. I did.

Only time passed, but at the end a different player clicked on the blue block and it was a wonderful goal. This stage was a stage that could not be cleared without the cooperation of other players.

'Cursors' is a simple and straightforward rule, but it has become a game where you can collaborate with other players, sometimes get in the way, and enjoy various ways depending on the player.

For those who want to clear all the stages but can't do it easily, it seems good to refer to the following movie uploaded to YouTube. | Complete Walkthrough --YouTube

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