The game "Cursors" that everyone moves the mouse cursor at the same time to clear the game

Just moving the mouse cursor can enjoy browsing game "CursorsAlthough it is a simple game, it is possible to cooperate with many other players, and it is possible to play a variety of things such as hindering other players, so I actually played and checked it.


Open the above URL and click "Click to begin".

"Cursors" is a simple game property that you can advance to the next stage when you move the mouse cursor and reach the "green area".

It is my cursor that this is Stage 1, the surrounding of the cursor is popping and yellowish. Stage 1 like a maze moves the cursor and takes it to the green area of ​​the goal OK.

It is a specification that can not penetrate black as well as black wall.

Stage 1 is easy to clear.

Stage 2 is the stage where only one of the three green areas will be advanced. Try and touch the green area on the far right ...

I returned to stage one. Apparently it seemed wrong.

After several failures, it turned out that the green area above is the correct answer. Hold down "Shift" and move the cursor to draw a black line, so I drawn the guidance route with arrows so that other players know which answer is right.

It enters stage 3 with this. This is the basic way of playing "Cursors".

"Cursors" has many stages, you can play psychological warfare using the line drawing function, and cooperate with everyone. So, I tried playing "Cursors" for a while and tried picking up some stages I enjoyed.

Slim way stages of browser game "Cursors" - YouTube

This is the stage where the width of the road becomes narrower and narrower.

If you touch the red area ...

It will be returned to the starting point.

Carefully proceeding and passing through the narrowest road. Since hit judgment is not so strict so far, it was possible to pass even rough control.

You can check the stages that clicks with other players from below.

Browser game 'Cursors' click click circle stage - YouTube

This stage is the stage where the middle is blocked by red walls. To capture, move the cursor to the red box drawn as "50" on the left side of the screen ... ...

Click on it. When everyone clicks, the numbers are decreasing at a tremendous speed.

When the number becomes "0", the red wall disappears and you can proceed to the next stage.

You can check the stage that can not be advanced without cooperation of other players from the following movie.

Stage to cooperate with everyone of browser game "Cursors" - YouTube

The stage where the red and blue blocks are blocking the passage before the goal. A blue and red block of "5" is installed in the upper right and lower right of the stage, and if someone goes up to the block of "5" and clicks and the number is not set to "0", the block before the goal disappears not.

If you click on themselves to reduce the number to help other players, other players have drawn as "THX" thank you. It makes me feel happy somehow.

This time I will stick to the goal just before goal, but if the player clicking on the blue block stops clicking when the block number becomes "1", it will be difficult to reach the goal It was.

Only time passed, but the other player clicked on the blue block at the end, and it was a splendid goal. This stage had become a stage which can not be cleared without cooperation of other players.

"Cursors" is a straightforward rule, but it was a game in which cooperation with other players, sometimes a little disturbing, and various ways of enjoying can be done by players.

A person who says, "I want to clear all the stages but it can not be done easily", it seems good to refer to the following movie uploaded to YouTube. | Complete Walkthrough - YouTube

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