I tried a new sense of "Yaka Kake Bee Calvill Bowl" and a new Grand Menu "Shizuo Soba" at the Lotus noodle-

To the calf Calvi seasoned with the legendary soup bowl of rich grilled meat soup, combined a mellow spiny "Bowl of bean curd bowl"The coarse ground black pepper that was developed as a new grand menu for women and garlic-effective Satabiya special salt daffe was involved in thick noodles"Salt sobaWe started offering. I have surely confirmed the compatibility of bean curd and beef that are likely to overcome the hot season and the taste of salt soba that female employees were involved in development for the first time.

【Limited Time】 5/1 (Monday) release ★ New sense "Yakagake Beef Calvill Bowl" | Legendary Sota Bon noodle / Specialty Bowl of Shop 【Official Site】

I came to the legendary Sotabe restaurant.

Upon arrival, the menu on the website did not change, but you can see at the store that the new Grand Menu has started firmly.

With a ticket machine at once, "Beef karu Calbi rice bowl" (Nimori · 980 yen including tax) and ... ...

Purchase tickets for "Salt Oil Soba" (630 yen including tax).

First of all I will eat from a beef bowl of rice. The raw egg and miso soup accompanying are attached. Beef rice bowls have scallions onions, boiled beef with savory scent of savory roasted meat on rice and apple beans.

As it is, when you eat it with a beef rib on the bean curd, you can feel the taste of sweet sauce and the taste of the meat firmly, but the feeling seems to be refreshing aftertaste at the lump.

The meat is cut thickly, so the satisfaction level is high.

I am stirring not only cow Calvi but also onion slices. The onions are also soaked firmly with sauce of grilled meat, which makes it a wonderful side dish.

Throw out raw egg here

If you kill yolk with chopsticks you can stir up your appetite.

Beef Calbee with raw egg and starchy double combo entangled is supposed to accompany the strongest level of rice.

Sauce is soaked in rice too, so chopsticks go on mess up. As you can eat "drinking" like dashi rice, as soon as you are caught in a mouth mouth, you finished your meal in a blink of an eye.

Subsequently, "salt soba". Special salt salt Onion noodles with 2 tatami, carved radish, chopped sticks and menma are on top of thick noodles.

When I picked up the noodles to eat, the smell of delicious garlic drifts and drifts. Although it is a dish developed for women, it seems that it is targeting "women who want to eat Gatsuri". When eating, salt and salt overflowing with garlic's flavor The black pepper is tangy in addition to those with seasonings, and although it is not bad, it is finished with no overflowing.

The salt seed itself is a simple seasoning, but also ingredients such as chashu etc are contained, so you can enjoy various flavors and texture.

"As it is, of course, you can also change the taste of refreshing with desktop vinegar on your favorite, if you apply oil, sesame oil is savory spicy spicy, enjoy it as a menu for the coming summer As it is said to be "I will start with oil.

Mild Salt The spicy spirit is added to anyone, even if you put it in from the beginning, it matches well enough to be considered ants.

What kind of taste does it take when adding vinegar ......

When you eat it with vinegar, you can taste different taste change by becoming seasoned like 'Chinese bowl of rice' by adding sour taste to salt leaf.

Although it is not official information at the end, I tried putting on a tabletop pea mackerel.

Despite the fact that after adding rice oil and vinegar, it is well balanced to think that it is such dish. Base salt It seems that it seems to be delicious, depending on who it is, because it is a simple taste. It is a menu for women, but this alone was enough for men to be full of stomach.

Furthermore, "Yaka Kake Bee Calvill Bowl" and "Salt Oil Soba" can be eaten at the Legendary Boniton Store across the country from May 1, 2017 (Monday). We do not offer it at some stores (Nakano Shimbashi store, Mi ~ store, Ario Hashimoto store, Rigakuzaka SA (down line) store, Yodobashi Umeda store) so be careful.

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