A puzzle game "Open Doors" that opens the door and proceeds to the goal

It is just a puzzle game that opens the door and proceeds to the goal. In addition to pushing and opening the door, there are also stages that can not be cleared simply by pushing hard on just as you can open it by pulling it well and opening it further connected with other doors. Since I can reset it again and again, I may be able to see the correct route by playing repeatedly.

Details are as below.
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The playing method is simple, just use the cursor keys to move the white square to the x mark. If it gets stuck, it will be reset with the "R" key.

The door is shown how to open it, opening the door as shown below will open.

In the case of a door attached in such a direction ...

It will not open even if it goes down.

It opens when it moves along a fan shape that is attached in the direction in which the door opens.

A door attached in a corridor shape.

For the time being, I opened all of them, but I aim for the center.

From here on, there are points where two doors opens at the same time. The square moved to the left to open the door, but the door seems to be hiding in an L shape.

It is possible to move only the part where the color of the field is thin, but somehow the door continues to the outside.

This is the final stage.

There are doors that can not be cleared if opened, so I reset them again and again.

Finally clear! If I think, this time it is necessary to do a minimum number of times to move.

Stage 3 can be cleared by moving 41 times.

When there are no remaining move counts, it will have to be reset and redo.

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