Flash game "roboclaw" that moves the robot arm to carry the ball

Easy operation, cursor keys only. Just press the up, down, left and right keys to move the arm, just grab the ball and carry it to your destination. That's all. However, when the ball hits the surrounding gray wall, it goes out. Even when I run out of time I am out. The arm itself is OK even if it hits the wall. But it gets harder and harder.

Play is from the following.
Bildschirmarbeiter.com - roboclaw (cooles roboter - spiel)

This is still easy

It got a bit harder

You can clear it very fast if you hold down the keys at the same time

If you move while folding the arm OK

I feel like an old nostalgic stick

Let's take care when taking the ball

Easy to look for

From here on to the realm of difficult business

It looks easy, but it works.

This also moves the wall

Quick movement is required

It is quite difficult.

I was limited here

Since it is said that there are up to 30 levels in all, please do your best to fully win the game.

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