The game "Bucketball" that throws the ball into a bucket of the same color

It is a game that throws balls which are divided into several colors well into buckets of the same color as each. The strength to let the ball fly is decided by mouse click, but because there is a limit, depending on the terrain and the like, there are buckets etc at a position that can not be aimed at once, and how to get the ball in the shortest at the shortest is a high score It becomes the key to.

You can start over again from the beginning as many times as you want on the stage, so it is also a good idea to redo it if you do not accept conviction.

The game play is from the following.
Bucketball by Arseniy Desrosiers and Florian Himsl

At first, click "NEW GAME" to start the game. After playing once you can continue from "CONTINUE" OK.

When you take the mouse cursor near the ball, an arrow appears.

The strength you throw on depends on the time you clicked. There is a limit on strength.

Clear if you put it in the bucket.

It seems that there are up to 20 levels in all.

Two or more balls and buckets appeared. From here we will put the ball in the bucket of the same color.

When a ball enters a bucket of a different color, the ball is stripped from the bucket without permission.

The terrain appears from Level 6.

To put it in a red bucket, you need to put the ball in a blue or green bucket.

Somehow my puzzle grew.

A ball that got out with a balloon.

To the bucket excellently.

Also the stage the bucket rotates.

There are six colors of bucket ....

I abandoned a strategy at Level 13.

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