You can automate the work of Illustrator to make it more efficient, useful scripts useful right now

Adobe Illustrator is certainly a useful and useful software, but its functionality is abundant, which complicates the operation, making it more likely to die if you repeat simple tasks. Humans should concentrate on those who are more creative, let's do it automatically if you want the program to do it automatically. In such a case, it is convenient that "script" that automatically performs various tasks.

This time I will be useful someday for such work, I tried aligning scripts that I would use soon if I knew it.

A handy script to automate Illustrator's work is as follows.
10 Free and Extremely Useful Illustrator Scripts | Vectips

Close all paths / Close all selected paths "Close All Paths / Close All Selected Paths"

Split text frame "Divide Text Frame"

Combining text frames "Join Text Frames"

Create a flower-like polygonal pattern from the basic form "Fleurify". It can be used for creating interesting patterns and logos.

Attach multiple figures by connecting with arcs "Meatball"

Make CMYK a pantone "CMYK to Pantone v.2"

Randomly change hue etc. "Vary Hues / Randomize Colors"

Add the current date and time to the file name when saving "Save File With Timestamps v.3". This makes it easy to divide files into multiple versions, allowing for things like version control and generation management.

You can add a specified number of anchor points to the circleCircle". Although it is possible to add an anchor point even with the normal function, it is a miso that the number can be specified.

Exchange the position and size of the two objects "Swap Objects"

There are other scripts like mountain at the following site.

·Convenience with irration: script commentary("Save and write by layer"Text consolidation (Freshly rose · Yoko rose)"Layer auto rename"etc)

·Illustrator CS automation strategy with JavaScript("Load tab-delimited text and auto layout"Read the image file in the folder and place it in the specified size and tile at the specified position"Create a calendar for the specified year (table layout)"etc)

·Script to export to PNG for each layer in Illustrator - ROCO's Blog

·PICTRIX("Return the size and rotation of the layout image to the initial state"Search and reset of transparency effect, object whose opacity has been changed"Move to specified coordinates based on the specified position of the selected object"etc)

·Ichiban's blog (temporary) [revised version] QR code for Illustrator CSx

·Ichiban's blog (temporary) [revised version] QR code for Illustrator CSx (AppleScript Application version)

·Ichiban's blog (temporary) postal customer bar code for Illustrator CSx

·S.h's page - JavaScript scripts("Suitably concatenated"Path disconnection"Duplicate at selected anchor position"Round the corner +"etc)

Also, for Mac OS, it is convenient to use from the following palette.

Script palette for Adobe Illustrator "ScriptPalette AI" - stuff or more >> download

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