Two people cooperative play with a gimmick covered play that is simple because it is deep inside is an excellent action puzzle game "Chariot"

PlayStation 3/4 and Wii U's multi-platform action puzzle game is "Chariot"is. Chariot is a story action puzzle game where a selfish king sleeps to a tomb of the legendary royal family, which means that not only one but two players can play at the same time, so actually Chariot for the PS4 version I installed and played it.

Chariot | Cross Function

Chariot (PS4) | PlayStation®Store Japan!/ja-jp/%e3%82%b2%e3%83%bc%e3%83%a0/chariot/cid=JP0186-CUSA01785_00-CHARIOTJP0000000

You can see what kind of game Chariot is seeing by watching the following movie.

When you play "Chariot" with two people, it feels like this - YouTube

◆ Installation
Open PlayStation Store on PS 4 and select "Search".

Enter "chariot" in the search bar and click the "Search" button.

Choose "Chariot" for DL-only game.

Select "Add to cart". Chariot is 1499 yen including tax.

Push the button according to "Proceed to purchase procedure".

Select "Proceed to purchase procedure".

Payment method is chosen. This time purchased with credit card.

Check the amount and select "Purchase".

Select the "download" you purchased.

After downloading and installing it, the thumbnail of Chariot is displayed on the home screen, so if you select this and press the ○ button, the game will start up.

◆ Actually played
When the game starts up, press the ○ button.

Select "New game"

Select "Start".

This is the beginning of the game. For the character to play, you can choose the male character's Prince and the female fiancée, but at the first playing, the fiancee was chosen randomly.

Jump with "x button".

It is an attack with "□ button".

Also, if you press and hold "○ button" ...

You can go back to the last checkpoint and re-play. If it is clogged by all means I can start over.

Confirm basic operation and start the game. I will push the coffin with the king's mark (Chariot).

When delivering Chariot to the very end, the ghost of the King appeared and the event started. Apparently this is a grave, but the king who died is not to be buried in this place but to want to be buried in the legendary grave "royal grave". Chariot's story is to deliver the Chariot with the King to the royal tomb.

When the event is over, the first stage "Corridor of the Forest" will begin.

A movie playing the 1st stage "Forest Cloister" alone can be confirmed from the following.

Action puzzle game Play "Chariot" 's Forest Cloister stage crisply and alone - YouTube

I will go forward while pressing Chariot.

In addition, pressing "OPTIONS" button opens the map and you can check your current location.

A step will come along the way, but when you push it from behind ...

It can be overcome. It is the checkpoint that glows blue right behind Chariot.

On the downhill slope Chariot will advance with great speed, but if you are too far from Chariot you need to be careful as the game will be over.

On the down road, it is recommended that you ride on Chariot and go sweeping with the feeling of running.

In the middle of the stage I will explain the operation of the action that can be used. For example, in a scene where you can not push a coffin from the back like a picture, pressing "R2" can hook a rope to Chariot ......

It is possible to pull Chariot with Gui Gui if moving as it is.

With ropes, you can pull up Chariot even if it falls into a deep hole.

However, the length of the rope is fixed and can not be extended beyond the maximum length.

You ride Chariot ......

While using the rope ... ....

The first stage is clear if you proceed to the road. Because it is the first stage, it feels like a tutorial, so it was crispy.

When you clear the stage, you will see a so-called home screen showing "the map of the royal family's tomb". Next, play "1-2".

Because Chariot can play two people cooperation, 1-2 challenge cooperative play. Press the "OPTIONS" button on the controller you are not playing.

Now P2 can join and two people can play at the same time.

The next stage is "divorce"

A movie playing "1-2 Divide by" with two people can be confirmed from the following.

When you play "Chariot" with two people, it feels like this - YouTube

When two people play cooperative play, two people can carry Chariot with power, so it will be possible to clear the difficult place with one player playing without difficulty.

One can pull the Chariot and one can rest on Chariot and take a break.

When two people are advancing, a new action appears. Hang the rope with "R2" to Chariot ... ...

If you hold down "R2" and press "L1", you can pull the rope while staying on the spot. Until then, I had to move to pull the rope, but it was quite difficult to pull up without a space to move left and right, so this operation method seems to be useful.

If two people can master the rope, another one can pull up the Chariot who one hanging on the rope, and the fun of the game clearly improved more than when one player was playing. Playing two people glows as much as thinking that Chariot was made for 2 person play, not just one person.

The place of the signboard where the two hands are drawing hands is a place where items that can be taken only by the cooperation of two people are hidden. However, it is necessary to think well how to take items by two people.

The state that two people cooperate and get items is confirmed from the following movie.

Two people cooperative play of "Chariot" gem gem - YouTube

First of all, each two ride on the left and right scaffolds, the right player will hook the rope to Chariot.

Move the pulled Chariot between the two, and the left player also hooks the rope.

Later, while paying attention not to fall by the two people, pulling Chariot ......

Like the image bring two people right in the middle.

After about a few seconds, the blue jewels right above were falling while trembling the bulb ... ...

It is a superb get. Although it seems easy by explanation alone, it was quite a pain to find a way to get jewels. With two people talking about various ways while talking about it, I felt a sense of accomplishment with a feeling that I found the best way.

In addition to the above-mentioned places, there are several places where there are items that must be cooperated by two people in "1-2 divorce road". It is OK to concentrate on clearing the stage, but let's challenge by saying that it is impossible to ignore cooperative play elements at the moment when I knew the pleasure to cooperate with them.

The difficulty level was slightly higher than the previous one, 2 people cooperation You can check the place where you can not take items by playing from the following movie.

Action puzzle game "Chariot" Get jewelry with two players - YouTube

First, one person moves to the rightmost scaffold, the other person moves to the airborne scaffolding where the signboard stands and hangs the rope to Chariot.

Attract Chariot ......

The right player will hook the rope to Chariot.

To the Chariot that I caught ......

Another person will jump over.

Jump and move to the right side scaffold.

Then, hook the rope to Chariot ......

I will raise another player.

Repeat this operation and move to the right scaffold.

I spent a considerable amount of time to get to the fifth scaffold.

I found blue gems buried behind the scaffolding that was on the far right.

Move Chariot ... ...

It is getting near the jewel and getting it. This place is difficult for those who are not accustomed to action games. Subtle operation to pull Chariot and jump timing was important.

"1-2 Divided road" itself is not so difficult, so go ahead and go to Switzerland.

Even after that, the enemy "router" appeared when playing ......

Using Chariot to go underwater ... ...

The gimmick becomes more and more complicated, it will become difficult to clear by just pulling Chariot.

Also, as you clear the stage more and more ... ...

You can purchase items that strengthen Chariot from "Yoruzuya". The one that is reflected in the image is the item "lantern of the royal family".

The royal family lantern is an item that can light up only around himself, even in a dark place. With this it is possible to proceed to a new stage by proceeding in a pitch dark way which we have not been able to pass so far, and to explore it.

When Chariot cooperatively plays with two people rather than play alone, the fun will rise about 3 stages. Although the gimmick appearing on the stage is simple, it is deep, and sometimes I thought how to clear it. It takes 1499 yen to download, but there are 25 stages in all and considering the price, plenty of volume. Playing with children, playing with friends, you are sure to be excited.

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