"Ball Revamped 5" to move the ball to the goal without hitting a wall etc

It is a simple game that carries the ball to the goal without hitting the walls or obstacles. The rules are simple, but the difficulty level is quite high, as the ball does not listen quite often.

Access is from the following.
Ball Revamped 5: Synergy

Data at the time of starting the game is displayed below. Click New Game to start a new game.

You can use the cursor keys or "W" "A" "S" "D" keys to operate the ball. The red mark on the upper left is the starting point and the square mark at the bottom right is the goal.

Aim for the goal in as short a time as possible.

There are sometimes four color stars floating on the stage, which may help clear. Blue stars power up with the power of water and slip through obstacles.

Green stars have power of flowers, flowers bloom. It is subtle whether there is merit.

A special stage is inserted every 10 stages.

The road was divided along the way, this time to Eucharis' goal.

When it comes to the level 11, the style of the stage has changed dramatically until now.

The red star is the power of the fire. You can ignite the fuse. Destroy the stone wall with the power of the explosion.

A special effect can be obtained by touching multiple stars. If it is red and green it will blow up the wall.

Blue and purple freeze the ball. Be careful as it will be inoperable.

Red and blue become smaller.

Level 30 reached Allium among several goals.

At last three stars appeared. Even though you touch it you will see something like a safe barrier.

And level 40.

What on earth is waiting for level 100?

Level 101 is the finale. A sword and a shield ...?

You can create maps yourself.

You can also play with the map created by the user.

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