Game "ORB 2" that carries a fragile orb to the goal

It is a game like a frustrating stick that carries orbs that break down just by hitting an obstacle to the goal with the mouse. It is fragile orb, but you can get various attributes by changing color. For example, you can move some walls if you have an orange, or you can go through an obstructing yellow wall if it is yellow. It is simple, but it seems to fit in the ground.

Details are below. The game is from the following link.

Orb 2

At first it is like this. Place the orb on the switch on the right to open the middle door.

Touching the light of orange will make it possible to move the block. It is still lucky.

Blue makes it huge. Some switches can not be operated unless it is in this state.

It will be able to pass through the yellow wall.

If it is red, it becomes inoperable. Because it is a slope here, it will crash against the wall without permission. If you put the box on the red switch on the upper right, the red light will go out.

Green has become smaller. The hands of the narrow passage tremble.

I will proceed without hesing as tutorial comes up to the seventh face. There are also many fancy stages, but there are also places that can not be cleared simply by moving the orbs. The bottom is stage 12. It is painful to wander in this huge orb.

First half of stage 13. If you ride a conveyor as it is, it will become red without permission and hit the wall.

In the latter half of stage 13, it was a little down. I gave up here.

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