The game "Bloxorz" rolls so that the rectangular parallelepiped is not dropped from the stage

It is a game to move from the stage composed of various panels so as not to drop the rectangular parallelepiped and drop it in the hole of the goal. In all 33 stages, I use my head anyway.

Access is from the following.
Games >> Bloxorz

title screen.

Move this rectangular parallelepiped. Move with the cursor keys, but be careful not to move to slide, but move to roll. If you drop it in the hole of the goal, clear it, drop it around and out.

Round button works when touched. The cross sign button works when it gets on vertically. The content to operate is various, it does not necessarily have to be switched on.

An orange floor will fall if it touches the entire mass. It is necessary to move so as not to be vertical.

When touching a strange sign, the rectangular parallelepiped is divided into two cubes. You can change the block to be operated with the space key. Adjacent and stick again.

Since it weighs half, the orange floor will not fall.

I wonder which one to operate first ....

Only things that should not be operated obviously.

When cleared, the number of times, the time, and the number of failures for all the movements are displayed.

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