The world's fastest record to clear “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Legends” in less than 17 minutes


Legend of Zelda: The Time Ocarina of Zelda ,” released in 1998 as a game for NINTENDO 64, is a game in which a number of tricks have been found and the record of the speed run aiming for the shortest clear has been updated many times. The shortest clear time of such 'The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time' has been updated, and the world's fastest record of clearing in less than 17 minutes has been established.

Four-Year Effort To Beat Ocarina Of Time In Under 17 Minutes Finally Succeeds

Norway's Torje Amundsen made the world's fastest clear record of 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of the Time'. The clear record is 16 minutes and 58 seconds, and you can check Torje's fastest time on , which collects speed run records of various games.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of

In addition, after 18 minutes and 10 seconds of record that narcissawright started 5 years ago, several speed runners including Torje have gradually reduced the fastest clear time, but the 17 minute wall is I could not exceed it.

However, after about four years of effort, Torje finally broke through this 17-minute wall. You can check the situation with the following movie.

Ocarina of Time Any% speedrun in 16:58 by Torje [World Record]-YouTube

Time attack starts from the point where the game is newly started.

About 3 minutes at the beginning is a movie part and can not be operated at all.

The moment the player's operation becomes possible, he jumps from the house in the back bac ...

It moves with the back step. The player is turning in the direction of travel, so the side watching the movie has no idea where it is going, but because Torje is struggling to play over and over again, it has a complete grasp of the travel route It seems that it is doing.

Jump sideways at side step when moving sideways.

Vertical movements are consistently backstep & backflip.

First of all, get Kokiri's sword.

Get 5 rupees by cutting Kanban while moving.

I'm back ......

I get on the fence.

Jump from there ...

Jumping in the air ...

Succeeded in riding on a bridge at a height.

Get 5 rupees here too.

If you go down as it is and jump lightly so as not to fall without seeing the three scaffolds floating on the water ...

I got 5 rupees again.

Just enter the Kokiri shop and get 5 rupees at the back of the shop.

If you were thinking 'Why do you collect rupees despite speeding ......?', It was to buy Dek's shield for 40 rupees.

Go to the bottom of the tree tree of Dek as it is. Mid is passing through the road, but because it is equipped with a sword and a shield, I can go through it.

Get the stick of Dek all the way. This deck rod is very important to clear the fastest.

Only five and a half minutes from the game start, we arrive at the tree of Dek.

After getting into the tree of Dek, I came to gossip to the shell crust parasite of the boss in only 3 minutes.

And in about 10 seconds I will destroy the goma ...

The link is also exhausted at the moment of defeat.

I think that I have overed the game despite being a speed run, I will continue the game as it is.

When it revives, it has returned to the entrance of the dungeon.

I wondered if I would go to the deepest boss room again, I got out of the tree of Dek's tree and moved back step by step.

From the side step ...

Jumping towards the wall.

Then the link bounces on the wall and bounces further on the water ...

You can move faster than usual.

It is a lost forest that came while making use of techniques that can reduce travel time only slightly.

Here, I will pack the worms into the empty bins I was getting sometime in the dungeon.

And again I entered the tree tree of Dek ...

Move to the boss room which defeated the goma in the deepest part. Normally, when you defeat the boss, you enter the blue-lit warp zone to advance the story ...

For some reason here I will escape the insects in the bottle.

And stuff the worm in the bottle again ...

Enter the blue warp zone.

It is supposed that the warp should be forced here, but as if 'Stop' appears on the screen ...

Links that have canceled the warp. When I get out of the boss room using the fruit of Dek twice ...

Warp to Ganon Castle which is the final dungeon of Ocarina at some time.

This warping technique is explained in detail in the following movie, so if you are interested please try it.

Ocarina of the Day Easy Tree of Decan Ganondoor (Set Up for Kids / Real / Sword)-YouTube

As it arrives on the roof as it is, the Great Demon King Ganondolov falls flatly ...

Princess Zelda comes down from the sky.

And to escape together from Ganon Castle.

Passive attack on a rock falling on the roof ...

If it is reaction, the link moves backward with ultra high speed ...

I just dropped from the passage.

A link that falls down in the dark while jumping and cutting.

There is only one heart in the fall damage.

However, the escape from Gannon Castle is a wonderful success. It is an ultra-quick trick that will escape in about 17 seconds.

And the battle with the last Gannon begins.

I will usually challenge Ganon with adult link ...

As we use tricks, figure of link remains child age. Therefore, even if you hold the mastersword, the sword blade is quite short.

After attacking once with Master Sword ...

Switch the equipment to the stick of Dek and slide it under the foot of Ganon. This is called afterimage sword

tricks like a, it is only in the attack standing has earnestly occurred.

Ganon goes down in no time.

When Princess Zelda says, 'Kill the devil!'

Go to the climax scene of the game where the courage triforce on the left hand side of the link shines and the last one is fired. However, what the link holds is the chaotic appearance of a stick of Dek.

The moment when the last shot was decided is the clear time, and the time is 16 minutes and 58 seconds.

'This record may be the last milestone in Ocarina's speeding run at the moment,' said Torje about the fastest clearing time, 'If no new technique is found.'

Heather Alexandra of the overseas game media Kotaku said, 'I was stuck in the water temple for a week when I was a child. I will clear my Ocarina. '

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