Headline News for July 16, 2019

An outline of the operation plan of the Sotetsu JR Direct Line , which will open on Saturday, November 30, 2019, has been announced.

About outline of operation plan of Sotetsu, JR direct line
(PDF file) https://www.sotetsu.co.jp/news_release/pdf/190716_01.pdf

According to the announcement, the service section of the train via Sotetsu-JR direct line is basically Sotetsu Line-Ebina-JR line-Shinjuku, and some trains in the morning commute time zone are direct to JR line-Omiya area. The number of trains run is four for one hour in the morning, 2-3 for one hour in the other hours, for a total of 46 round trips (92) all day.

Among the trains, limited express trains stop at Ebina, Yamato, Futamatagawa, Nishitani within the Sotetsu Line, and stops at each station from Nishitani to Shinjuku. The vehicle used is 12000 series by Sotetsu and E233 series by JR.

By the way, such an article was published on the same day in the past on the same day.

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Poppy seed to the ingredients of 'Yamtsuki Chikabe', restaurant owners caught 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Your House of Councilors Choice: Japanese-style voting is Galapagos Mainstream in other countries is “sign-in” | Mainichi Shimbun

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About today's news report (reporter explanation by Korean government manager in charge) (METI / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Junpei Yasuda's passport issue is refused and to the complaint examination request | NHK News

A man on bail is a married woman and a fled

Why Japan's Sanma is unfishing Background | NHK News

The amount of “catch” by countries and regions that catch saury in the North Pacific managed by the “North Pacific Fisheries Commission” has remained at about 400,000 tons per year in the past 10 years, but the ratio that Japan accounts for Is decreasing year by year.

What is increasing instead is China and Taiwan, where fish consumption is increasing with rising income etc. Recently, Taiwan's 'catch' has surpassed Japan.

In the North Pacific, only Japan and Russia took Sanma until around the 1980s, but then Taiwan and Korea began to take it, and China entered the market seven years ago.

China and Taiwan are located on the high seas outside Japan's exclusive economic zone
We are using a large fishing boat to increase the catch of saury, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries sees this as reducing the number of saury coming to the coast of Japan, which is one of the causes of poor fishing.

'Hand-foot-and-mouth disease' epidemic spread Most in the past 10 years | NHK News

Komeda's aim for continuous theft or 'chain stores are the same' | NHK News

Trump, again, 'If you are dissatisfied, do not get out of fierce backlashes'-Mainichi Shimbun

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'Active high school girls are taking pills' misunderstood and echoed to tweets | NHK News

Low-dose pill as a remedy to relieve women's menstrual pain. However, because the image for the purpose of contraception is strong and it is not known to use for treatment of menstrual cramps, a high school student who complains of having a hard time is making a echo.

Do you not make a low temperature cooker debut? Ask Low Temperature Cooking Mania Nick, Basics of Low Temperature Cooking and Tips That Don't Fail-Where It Is

Fence finally begins to be installed in the cannabis channel in Okayama-Togetter

Firework competition screams in the security expenses correspondence increase in the audience ... The cancellation limit one after another |

What is the Kyoto Oyoshida dormitory problem-whereabouts of university autonomy / Kazutaka Hirose / newspaper reporter | SYNODOS-Synodos-

Is it a university where free research and education are valued, and is it a symbol that management is intensifying? Kyoto University has filed a lawsuit against the dormitory with Kyoto District Court in search of eviction from the former building and dining room of Japan's oldest student dormitory 'Yoshida Dormitory' as active duty, and the first oral argument was held on July 4 . As a local newspaper reporter who has been covering the confrontation between the university executive and the dormitory side leading up to the lawsuit, a series of movements can not be felt as telling the deterioration of the university.

Why did the university end up suing students at Kyoto University where education is based on “dialogue”? Can a university that neglects dialogue with students continue to conduct its own research and education by interacting with society?

It can also be dismissed as 'only some students are in trouble'. Of course there will be such a side. However, I think that it is impossible to get rid of the situation in progress in Yoshida Dormitory so easily. It is because it has an important problem in predicting the future of university autonomy.

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China QR settlement circumstances-koba :: blog

Do you know the situation that bias occurs in feature value importance? -Natural neural network to learn

Cloudflare Explains the History of Failures Occurred Worldwide | Surado IT

A tale (alert mark) is displayed on Apple TV 4K and a story that has stopped starting-Appropriate days of original RX-7 riding

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'Strate Witches Movie version 501 unit will be launched!' PV-YouTube

Parody Problem-Piercing Piercing Giraffe (Blog Version)

What does 'Kiki's Delivery Service' Kadono Eiko see and think of the Ghibli version? (1/5) <Weekly Asahi> | AERA dot. (Aera dot)

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'The Movie Star ☆ Twinkle Pretty Cure with the Feelings of the Stars' Book Trailer (Advance ticket on sale)-YouTube

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What J PRIDE: Mr. Miyasako, I received 1 million yen in the black sales and did not file tax returns

418: If the wind blows, there will be no name 2019/07/13 (Sat) 11: 10: 42.38 ID: BPGht8IG0
According to a man of the former safe bank, Mr. Irie explained that 1 million yen was Miyasako's gala, 300,000 yen was Mr. Irie's fee, and the remaining 1.7 million yen was a galley shared by the rest of the performers.

Just leave the grass

'Junny' and 'Light Genji' | BLOG | ASKA Official Web Site 'Fellows'

Commenting on Nagase's 'Junny's going to hell'-Vandalist Blog

Tokyo high court decision that admits sexual abuse to boys of Mr. Johnny Kitagawa will be silently killed forever-wezzy | Wezy

Admiring Arashi 'This is the form of media' in the British BBC News that reported 'sexual abuse' by President Johnny Kitakawa |

Mr. Saho Yoshida who came as a guest of the grand sumo wrestling, beginning to do analysis that can not be done to the ordinary person, it is amazing, 'Sasu is Primate Strongest'-Togetter

Painful News (∀ ∀)): [Girls] Yoshimoto's chairman 'I can not expect 300,000 a month and suddenly a newcomer grows up. The first cost is 250 yen. I will not change this way'-Livedoor Blog

New comedy prime minister 'not our agency's hand' Yoshimoto Kogyo HD Chairman-2019 House of Councilors Election (Cornerate Election): Asahi Shimbun digital

Haruna Kondo, Chairman Yoshimoto 'does not even hear verbally to' will not make a contract in the future '-Entertainment Society-SANSPO.COM

'007' is a black woman = latest work to be released next year, shock to Britain: Jiji dot com

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'Mystery Ippei's Yakisoba with Noodles at Night Store' (August 12 release): Meisei Foods

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