A world record that clears the Elden Ring in less than 9 minutes is born, a fading person who clears the fastest while falling from the sky

From Software 's popular action RPG ' ELDEN RING ' has been cleared by a fierce man in just 8 minutes and 56 seconds.

Elden Ring speedrunner achieves new record run in under 9 minutes --Polygon

RTA competes for the short time from the start of the game to the clearing. The Elden Ring RTA is also gaining in popularity, with clearing times getting shorter and shorter , with the fastest clearing time of less than 30 minutes at the time of release, quickly shortening to less than 20 minutes , and finally 8 minutes 56. The world's fastest clear record of seconds was born. Distortion2 , who has played RTA in various games, set a new world fastest clear record.

Elden Ring Any% Unrestricted Speedrun in 8:56 (WORLDS FIRST SUB 9 MINUTES) --YouTube

The first character create screen is not included in the RTA time ...

Time attack starts from here.

When I leave the first room ...

The game ends immediately.

If you select Continue from the game start screen ...

The game starts from the chapel waiting for the king. By quitting the game from the system and restarting it, we will perform a 'profile data load' that resets the position of yourself and the enemy, aiming to shorten the time.

And for some reason, a fading person who hardens while guarding

Then the character warps at once ...

Fading person falling in the air

And for some reason, I arrived at Stormville Castle.

Just go outside ...

A fading person who guards in the gaps between rocks and hardens

It seems that he is trying to warp again, but the orientation and position of the character seems to be quite important for warping, and he is a fading person who fine-tunes the position many times.

And succeeded in warping.

Repeat the warp many times in this way.

He is a fading person who freefalls from the sky every time he warps, but he does not take any damage from falling.

Get the magic stone sword key at the warp destination ...

Imp statue is ugly.

And rush into the released warp.

Then, I arrived at Falmu Azura, which was about to collapse.

Use the memory of blessings here.

Further restart the game.

Then, the game will start at another point in the crumbling Falmu Azura.

Even in Falmu Azura, warp is repeated many times ...

At a certain point ...

Restart the game.

The game starts again at another point.

The game is restarted here as well.

Further warp.

Repeatedly warping and restarting the game, I came to the boss room at once.

Once inside, the battle with the beast priest starts ... but again, the warp is repeated without fighting.

And a fading person who ignores the boss and falls in the sky.

When it falls, it returns to the boss room again, but for some reason the priest of the beast is supposed to have been defeated, and the battle with the black sword Mariques starts.

Repeat the warp again here ...


And restart the game in the air.

Then the game starts from Ashito Rhodale.

Repeat the warp again ...

Falling in the sky ...

Restart the game during the fall.

However, it seems that the game will start from the same point if the restart timing is missed.

Warp again and fall in the air ...

Check your position on the map and restart the game.

Suddenly, a battle with the warrior Horae Lou begins. A level that even Elden Ring players can't catch up with because they skipped everything too much.

Died in haste.

And as it is, I cleared the game without any battle.

According to the loading screen, the clearing time is '8 minutes 56 seconds'.

In addition, the world's fastest clear record of this Elden Ring is also recorded on speedrun.com , which publishes various RTA records at the time of writing the article.

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