'Roll Player Expansion Monsters & Minions' Play Review to create 'your own strongest hero' and challenge the battle against strong enemies

An extended version of '

Roll Player ' that rolls dice to raise the status and creates characters like a role-playing game, and ' Roll Player Expansion Monsters & Minions ' that allows you to battle with monsters with the characters you actually created is Arclight Appeared from Games. I heard that I can finally demonstrate the abilities of the character that I will create over a long period of time, so I actually played with it.

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Roll Player Expansion Monsters & Minions Full Japanese version is an extended version, and you need the basic set 'Roll Player' to play. You can find out what kind of game the role player is by reading the following article.

'Roll player complete Japanese version' play review that creates 'your own strongest adventurer' while being influenced by fate --GIGAZINE

Roll Player Expansion Monsters & Minions The full Japanese version of the package looks like this. The target age is 10 years old and over, the maximum number of players is 5, which is one more than the basic set, and one player can also play.

It contained a rulebook, character sheet, 3 types of dice, experience point cubes, start player markers, cards, character recording paper, honor tokens, injured tokens, charm tokens, adventure tokens, and gold coins.

The left side is the character sheet added in the expanded version. You can choose from 13 pieces including 7 pieces in the basic set.

The dice are an addition to the 7-color dice included in the basic set, as well as orange combat dice and transparent support dice.

The support dice are displayed from 3 to 8 unlike ordinary dice.

Cards include additional configuration cards, market cards, and minion cards, adventure cards, and monster cards as new elements in the extended version.

I will play immediately. This time, we played with 5 people including the editorial staff who played the basic set last time. The preparation method is almost the same as the basic set, but there are some differences.

There are 6 order cards according to the number of players, and the market cards are arranged in the same way as the basic set, but the monster card, minion card, and adventure card, which are the heart of the expanded version, must be arranged on the left side.

The monster card is the so-called 'last boss' and is a powerful monster that will fight in the final round of the game. The color drawn on the upper right of the card is a weak point, and each player can advance the battle advantageously by collecting dice of this color.

The minion card looks like this. There are 26 types, and you can earn experience points and gold coins by defeating them.

There are three types of adventure cards: 'facility', 'obstacle', and 'attack'. It contains useful information when fighting monsters, but it is usually turned face down and can only be seen by the player who defeated the 'minions'.

Place the setting cards and dice on the character sheet in the same way as the basic set. Also, place a red 'start player marker' in the hands of the start player so that you can see who is the start player at a glance.

In the expanded version, 'Support Dice' that roll 3 to 8 are added, so it is easier to achieve the target of each characteristic value compared to the basic set.

The game has started. First, perform the 'start phase' and 'action phase' in the same way as the basic set. Arrange the rolled dice on the turn card, and each player secures them in turn.

Next is the purchase phase. In the purchase phase, instead of choosing to buy a card, you can 'subdue' the monster's minions, the monsters. To subdue, roll the 'battle dice' and the total of the rolls will determine the outcome. There is basically one battle dice, but if you meet the 'weaknesses' of the monsters written on the card, the number of battle dice will increase, so you can fight in an advantageous way. For example, the weak point of this minion, 'Owlbear,' is the purple dice ...

Players who had 3 purple dice on their seats were able to roll a total of 4 combat dice.

The total of all the battle dice rolled is the 'combat power'. 'Owlbear' can be defeated if the combat strength is 8 or more, and if you defeat it, you can get 1 experience point token and 1 honor token. This time, the fighting power was 2 + 6 + 1 + 5 = 14, and I was able to easily subdue it.

When you successfully subdue a minion, the subdued minion card becomes the player's 'trophy' and is kept at hand. Also, turn over one minion card in the field and call a new minion.

When you win the trophy for the first time, you will get the adventure token 'Facilities'. Turn over the adventure card 'facility' in the field and check the contents so that other players cannot see it. The next time you win a trophy, you will see 'obstacle' and then 'attack'.

You can also get honor tokens by defeating monsters. It's very important to have an honor token because you can take advantage of battles with monsters. Only heroes who have received many honors can play an active role in battles with monsters that threaten peace. You can also get experience point tokens that can advance the game in an advantageous way by subduing and the effects of market cards.

The next player also went to subdue. 'Giant Rat' can be defeated with a combat power of 10 or more, but the total number of rolls rolled by rolling 3 dice is 7. This time I couldn't subdue the giant rat and let it go. Put 'Giant Rat' at the bottom of the minion card and call the next monster anew.

Players who fight will get 2 XP tokens and 1 injured token. Injured tokens, as opposed to honor tokens, are at a disadvantage in battles with monsters if you have them. A brave man with an injury cannot get serious in battle. However, it is possible to remove the injured token by using two XP tokens. Also, you can't see the adventure card because you didn't get the trophy.

After completing the purchase phase, enter the management phase and return to the start phase again. The flow is the same as the basic set except that the element of 'subjugation' has increased. A card dedicated to the expansion set has also been added to the market card. Skill cards that allow you to increase the number of dice rolls by 1 by consuming experience value tokens, and a new type of 'scroll card'. A scroll card is a powerful card that activates the effect written on the card the moment you purchase it.

On the second turn, a player who purchases a scroll card that has the effect of 'acquiring the same number of gold coins as the number of dice placed on the far right of the charm line' will get eight gold coins at once. To do. Even if you deduct the 2 gold coins you purchased, you can get 6 gold coins, and if you get this much in the early stages, you can advance the game quite advantageously.

Most minions are easy to subdue and don't have much trouble in combat. On the 4th turn, the player who defeated 3 bodies was the first to check all 3 adventure cards, and then started checking the seats of other players with the word 'I see.' In preparation for the battle with monsters, you have to actively subdue to see what is written on the adventure card, and if you choose to subdue, you can not purchase it, which is a particular problem in this game.

When everyone fills all the holes in the character sheet with dice, the basic version starts scoring, but the extended version moves to the battle with monsters before scoring. Only the player who gets the adventure token can increase the battle dice according to the effect. For example, a dwarf who had defeated three minion monsters and earned an 'attack' adventure token had firmly secured four blue dice, so he could increase three combat dice and fight against monsters. You can fight in your favor. You can also earn additional combat dice with the effects of gold coins, experience points, and purchased market cards.

Each player fights against this monster 'Kraken'. Each monster has a special ability, and Kraken says, 'Remove all 6 pairs of combat dice.' I'm going to be forced into a tough fight.

Each player rolls all the battle dice and earns a 'star of honor' based on the total number of rolls. If the total value exceeds 28, the subjugation is completed and you can get 8 stars of honor.

The player who defeated the minions and obtained a large amount of honor tokens and challenged the battle with an overwhelming amount of battle dice succeeded in defeating the Kraken. A total of 25 stars of all honors were obtained.

Some players were buying armor cards to save money without fighting their minions. Although he couldn't contribute to the extermination of monsters at all, he won a total of 33 honorary stars. There were voices saying, 'It's still strong if you have all the armor,' and 'Is it okay to wear only withdrawal equipment without going into battle and be honored with such a haribote?'

The player with the highest number of honorary stars in the end wins. Also, in the case of one-player play, it is possible to 'rating' the created character according to the number of honorary stars earned. In addition, there is a notation mistake in the complete Japanese version of the manual, and according to the English version of the manual, if the number of stars of honor is 28 to 31, you will be an 'adventurer'.

It's still nice to be able to fight with the players you actually created. It was a rewarding game suitable for the extended version. There is no disappointment that 'just make it and it's over', and you can get enough satisfaction that you have finished the game. The moment you roll a large amount of dice accumulated in the last round, you can feel that you are fighting the boss. However, even with the expansion number, everyone tends to think long, so it seems that you can proceed with the game at a good tempo by setting a time limit for each action.

Role Player Expansion Monsters & Minions Full Japanese version can be purchased at Amazon.co.jp, and at the time of article creation, it can be purchased for 5400 yen including tax.

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