RPG `` Nights of Pen and Paper '' review that allows you to adventure while experiencing the presence of table talk RPG with Nintendo Switch review

Table Talk RPG (Role Playing Game) is an analog game in which players using the rule book, dice, paper, pen, etc., perform quests while developing conversations. +1 Deluxier Edition of `` Knights of Pen and Paper '' that can taste the atmosphere of such table talk RPG with digital RPG appeared on Nintendo Switch on Thursday, November 21, 2019, so I actually play I tried it.

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After starting the game, select 'New Game' from the title screen.

You can save up to 3 game saves. Select one of the empty slots.

There is a table in the center of the screen, and the game master (GM) is sitting. Up to five players, sitting in a chair in front. First of all, you need to add at least two players, so choose an empty chair.

The player chooses 15 types of “Game Player” and 7 types of “Occupation”. The game player has one fixed and unique skill.

And choose your occupation from paladin, warrior, rogue, wizard, druid, priest, and witch. Four skills are set for each occupation. Once you have selected your game player and occupation, select “Add Player”.

I added two players and tried to add a third person, but from the third person 10 gold coins are needed. The number of gold coins you own is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, but the first play could not be added because it has only 5 gold coins.

Start the game with a combination of paladins and wizards. Unlike ordinary RPG, it is a system that reproduces table talk RPG, so the GM in the center will narrate.

The game starts from a prison in the basement. Suddenly a battle with the guard began.

In an actual table talk RPG, the GM may determine the player's state and game flow, set the strength and number of enemies, and adjust the difficulty. Even with Knights of Pen and Paper, you can adjust the difficulty by changing the number of enemies.

This time is the first time, so we set it to 2 people who are at medium difficulty and select Start.

You can see how the battle actually progresses in the following movie. The actual table talk RPG checks the damage judgment by rolling the dice, but in Knights of Pen and Paper the battle is advanced in a turn-based command battle, so the RPG and play feeling of the computer game will not change. If you win the battle, you can get experience points and gold coins.

`` Nights of Pen and Paper '' battle scene where you can experience table talk RPG with Nintendo Switch-YouTube

After defeating the guard, press the X button to bring up the menu and select the “!” Icon. This '!' Mark icon is used to create and advance quests.

As the quest progressed, GM explained, 'A dubious man in a black cloak on a carriage was waiting for you ...'

I was able to escape to the outside world. The table, GM, and player are still displayed in the center, but the surrounding scenery has changed dramatically. From here, there is no big story, so you have to choose and move yourself. First, select the map icon from the menu.

It seems that the place that got off the carriage of the dubious man was the village of the beginning. There was a place called “Dusk Castle” in the immediate vicinity, so select “Move”. In addition, gold coins were necessary to move.

While moving, a 20-sided die is rolled on the right side of the map. It seems that GM judges the enemy's encounter with the dice. It was a situation where the encounter could be avoided if more than 10 eyes appeared, so the number of eyes that appeared this time was 17, so I was able to arrive at the castle without fighting.

I arrived at the castle, but there was no specific instruction such as “Do it ○○”. For this reason, we decided to complete the quest by first selecting the “!” Icon from the menu.

Select the quest content and select “Start”.

A citizen who wants to go to the beginning village appears.

Select “Move” to complete the quest.

On the way, you encounter two rats and the battle begins.

Win the battle, get experience points, level up the wizard. If you level up, you can get 1 skill point. By using skill points as skills, you will be able to acquire new skills and power up. In addition, status such as attack power and HP cannot be changed.

In the meantime, we arrived safely at the beginning village. Created a Grandpa Rescue Quest to complete the quest and battle to get gold coins.

GM 'A boy comes and asks you'

Boy 'Did you see Grandpa?'

Paladin 'I don't know. Why do you think I know?'

GM pays attention to the rough paladin saying. The scene where the player's play style is divided by whether to enjoy role play thoroughly with emphasis on character and world view, or to enjoy

meta -play for efficiency is a scene that can also be seen in actual table talk RPG.

Before going to help Grandpa, use the saved gold coins to add a restoring clergy.

Furthermore, when trying to add the fourth person by collecting gold coins in the battle, it turned out that only three players can be added in the initial state. It is necessary to purchase the Holy Grail to add.

The shop can be accessed by pressing the Y button. In the shop, items are not in-game items, but items related to table talk RPG play and systems can be purchased. Purchasing the Holy Grail with 12 gold coins, which can increase the number of players up to 5, put a sparkling Holy Grail on the desk.

There are many other items on sale at the shop. For example, the following is a twister mat, and if you purchase it, it will be placed behind the GM, and additional effects such as increased experience will be obtained.

Other furniture in the room ...

The wall of the room can also be changed.

Furthermore, it was possible to change the GM. Karate mice that have been seen in

some anime have the effect of increasing attack power and MP, but 300 gold coins are required for purchase.

Although I bought the Holy Grail, I decided to move back to the Devil's Cave to save my grandfather before I added the fourth person.

As you battle, your HP and MP will decrease.

If you select the tent icon from the menu screen, you can camp and recover.

Of course, camping in the dungeon is dangerous. When GM turned 20-sided dice at night, 6 fell below the safety range of 7-20.

If the die check fails, the enemy will attack.

Two slimes were attacked. In Japan's RPG, due to the influence of the Dragon Quest series, slime has a strong image of weak enemies, but in reality, slime is often set as a difficult enemy. Although these two bodies have managed to defeat ...

In another camp, a king slime with a crown was attacked. Thinking that this may be annihilated in a moment, select the chicken icon from the command and try to escape from the battle.

The success or failure of a flight escape is determined by the dice. This time we succeeded in dice judgment and managed to get away safely, but ...

“Ya, Yai, coward!”

I thought, “If I can't help my grandpa in the cave, I will return to the castle at dusk. Added an attacking warrior as the 4th player who was behind the scenes. Since the game player has been set to 'I like games' ...

Complains to the game when it appears.

However, the added players start from level 1. When I participated in the battle to earn experience, I died in one shot.

Players who have died do not become character lost, can be revived by other players' skills, and can be revived by paying gold coins when not fighting. The game enthusiast who died only because of the curse was still level 1, so it seemed that he did not have to pay gold for the resurrection.

Then, grandpa was rescued safely. In response to Grandpa's request, 'Take care of that cave,' I decided to leave for the Devil's Cave again.

And the boss battle starts deep in the cave. However, the level was improved by adding members, so it was clear without difficulty.

Knights of Pen and Paper is an ordinary role-playing game at first glance, but the part of “Taste the atmosphere of Table Talk RPG” is very interesting. The system and play feeling are not the same as table talk RPG itself, but you can taste the realism unique to table talk RPG, such as a conversation full of small stories that players and GM occasionally meet, and the tension that looks at the eyes of the rolling dice The The system itself was simple, the game tempo was good, and the degree of freedom was high, so it took me a while to notice when I was playing.

“Nights of Pen and Paper +1 Deluxier Edition” is a Nintendo Switch, available for download at 1600 yen including tax. The PC version is Steam , which is handled at 980 yen including tax, but it is not compatible with Japanese, so be careful.

Nintendo Switch | Download Purchase | Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Deluxier Edition

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