A cooperative deck construction card game ``Aons End'' review that confronts powerful monsters that threaten humanity

A full- length Japanese version of Aeon's End, a cooperative deck construction game that fights against the enemy 'Nemesis' in order to become a 'burrow magician' and protect the last base of humanity, Gravehold, from Ark Light Games in 2020 It appeared in May. It is a high-difficult game that has a feature of 'do not shuffle the created deck', which is unusual for a card game, and I actually tried playing to see how difficult it is.

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◆Contents and preparation
The package of Aeon's End looks like this.

The target age is 14 years or older, the number of players is 1-4, and the playing time is 60 minutes.

Rule manual, first game guide, tokens

Tokens can be easily separated from cardboard without cutters or scissors.

A player mat for recording and checking player skills and data

Nemesis mat that describes the status and rules of the enemy monster 'Nemesis' that will fight the player

Physical strength dial that displays the physical strength of Nemesis and 'Grave Hold', the last base of humanity protected by players

Cards for puncturing (bleach) dials and card sorting, various cards.

The type of card is written on the sorting card...

By using it as a partition like this, you can store cards by type.

The three card decks labeled 'Stop!' are used for the first play, and are designed so that you can immediately start playing the game. All you need to do is follow the instructions while watching the guide to the first game.

This time we played with 4 people. Prepare the 'starting deck' and 'starting hand' written on the player mat.

In addition, select a total of 9 types of player cards from the player cards and arrange them in the field to make it a 'supply'.

There are four types of enemy Nemesis. In the first game, the purpose of the game is to defeat the red demon 'Ragebone' that has two huge horns.

The Nemesis card determines the Nemesis behavior. Nemesis cards are divided into three stages according to strength, and the deck is constructed so that it becomes stronger from top to bottom.

Set the Grave Hold health dial to 30. Since Gravehold is the last base of humanity, if the physical strength of this Gravehold becomes 0, humanity will be defeated and the game will end.

Then adjust the Nemesis Fitness dial to match the fitness written on the Nemesis mat. In the case of Ragebone, it boasts 70 times more physical strength than the base.

Place a blast tile on the player mat, and place the player number and health token. Then, arrange the deck and hand prepared in advance and you are ready.

◆ I tried playing with 4 people
First, shuffle the turn order card and draw one, and the player with the number written on the turn order card that you have drawn advances.

The player's turn progresses in the following three phases.
1: Spell phase
2: Main phase
3: Hand replacement phase

The spell phase is a phase in which you cast a spell set on the hole tile and attack the opponent. In order to cast spells in this game, you need to 'place a spell card on the Rupture tile in your main phase and then activate it in your own spell phase'. In other words, the spell cannot be used immediately after being cast, but it takes 1 turn to activate.

There are four puncture tiles that can be used to set spells, and basically only open ones can be set. Only one of the four blast tiles is open from the beginning, so if you want to cast more than one spell at a time, pay a cost with 'Ether' during your main phase to strengthen or open. is needed.

Ether can be obtained by using a gem card from your hand.

Ether is like money you spend in-game, and you can pay ether to buy cards from supplies and add them to your deck.

As the game progresses, you can purchase more powerful spell cards, open the puncture tile more and more, and set spell cards to increase the damage done to your enemies.

The purchased card immediately moves to the discard pile on the right side of the player mat. After the main phase is over, move to the hand supplement phase and discard the used cards in the pile. At this time, what is important is that if you discard the used cards and discard them in the pile, discard them in the order you like . Then, draw 5 cards from the deck on the left side of the player mat and put them in your hand, but if the deck is exhausted...

Instead of shuffling the discard pile, turn it over and use it as a deck. 'Do not shuffle' means that the order of discarding cards in the discard pile is the same as the order of the deck. In other words, the major point of Aeon's End is that ' thinking in what order to throw away ' is directly linked to the strategy for advancing the game.

When 'Nemesis' appears on the turn order card, Nemesis will act instead of the player.

Nemesis's action is decided by flipping a card from the Nemesis deck. The 'murder' card I drew is that Gravehold takes 3 damage.

Ragebone attacked a human guarding Gravehold and suffered a great deal of damage.

Also, depending on the card, a minion monster called 'minion' may be summoned. Each minion has its own health, and you can't beat it without attacking with spells. For example, the 'Incarnation of Fury' summoned in the following situations activates the effect 'Ragebone Strikes' every Nemesis turn.

Ragebone has a 'strike card' prepared separately from the Nemesis deck. When you make a strike, draw the strike card and execute the effect written on it. Strike card 'Cruise' drawn by incarnation of fury is to do 3 damage to Gravehold and 1 damage to each player. Strike cards often have very bad effects, and they can overwhelm the war situation and push humanity into a disadvantage at once.

As you progress through the game and reach the middle stage, you will be able to cast powerful spells. At the beginning, the spell card's “Spark” (left) owned from the starting deck deals only 1 damage, but the space insight that can be purchased with 6 ether is 2 damage + open hole tile tile You can deal 1 x 1 damage to your opponent. If all 4 tiles are open, one shot can deal 6 damage to the opponent.

Also, 'Fire Whip' has 4 powerful effects with 1 shot, and has a powerful effect that you can cast the spell set on the blast tile by paying 2 ether on the spot. Since Aeon's End is a cooperative card game, it is important to discuss with other players and devise a strategy that combines these spell cards to cause great damage to the enemy.

In addition, the special abilities specified for each character are also important for co-op play. In order to use the special ability, it is necessary to pay 1 ether to fill up the 'charge' by paying 2 ether. 'I'm not brave. I've fought for myself, not for Gravehold,' says the character Mist's special ability, which says that one fellow can draw four additional cards. Fortune telling.

By using the 'divination' to the player whose hand was reduced to 3 by the effect of the attack by Nemesis, the disadvantageous situation turned around and became advantageous.

The next turn order is Nemesis.

However, one out of four has 2 stamina. If you take damage here, the player will be down. Players can continue playing even if their health is 0, but not only one of the four crushed tiles can not be used, but it is in a very disadvantageous situation such as Nemesis powering up. Therefore, you should avoid making your physical strength 0 as much as possible.

So, in the strategy to activate the special ability 'Old Sign Rune' that 'disables all the damage done to the Grave Hold and the player during the turn', it is a strategy to earn time.

With this, even if you pull the Nemesis card and receive great damage, it will not hurt or itch...

However, the next turn order card is again Nemesis. In the case of four players, two Nemesis cards are included in the six turn order cards, so Nemesis may attack twice in a row depending on the shuffle.

The card I pulled was 'Collapse' which caused 4 damage to Gravehold. I was desperate to defeat the millions that were summoned more and more in the middle of the game, and I was unable to reduce the physical strength of the Ragebone body, but the base was destroyed in the end and the game ended.

'It's too disappointing because the base is easily destroyed, will it be possible to clear it with another Nemesis?' Next, start playing against the 'Queen of the Shell' that looks like a spider.

The Queen of Shells creates 'Shell Child', so the Shell Child tokens will increase above the tokens. The shell child is a monster with 1 health, and although it does not attack, it brings a disadvantageous situation to the player due to the card effect of 'group dance'.

A minion 'mother body bug' dedicated to the Queen of the Shell that was summoned during the game is to increase the child token of the shell by one every turn of Nemesis. Furthermore, the effect that this minion can not be eliminated unless all the shell tokens are defeated is quite atrocious.

Due to the effect of maternal insects, the number of pups in the shell increased to 15 which was the maximum. In this state, the 'group dance' was activated, and the defeat of the human race was decided by haste.

In addition, Nemesis called 'distorted mask'...

It has the effect of being harassed by adding a card called 'Degenerate Card' to the player deck and shuffling it. The effect of the card is not harmful in general, because it does the damage to the player but also has the effect that is advantageous to the player. However, by ``do not shuffle the deck'', although it is necessary to adjust the order of the cards and incorporate it into the strategy, if it is shuffled, all the operations on the player side will be destroyed, so it is quite annoying existence ..

Distorted masks summon minions one after another to attack humanity who is confused by corrupt cards.

A player with a distorted mask rampages and corrupt cards cluttering the deck, pulling three cards into his hand. All corrupted cards need to be processed at the end of the main phase, but if you draw more than one card, you will inevitably get damaged, so your physical strength will be reduced and your physical strength will be 0 in no time. I lost it. It should be noted that when all players have 0 physical strength, it will be defeated by the human race.

◆ Impression
One play is about 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours for 4 people. Also, when I played by one person, one play was about one hour. The level of difficulty is quite high, and four-player games challenged four times, but human races won only one of them. The only victory was due to the condition that 'all the Nemesis cards are used up', and in the end it was not possible to completely destroy Nemesis. However, in the case of one-player or two-player, I succeeded in winning Nemesis's physical strength despite the last minute situation, so it can be said that playing 1-2 people is a little less difficult as a game. I felt it was a game for people who are used to playing board games to some extent.

`` Dominion '' is famous as a deck-building type card game, but Aeon's End says ``how much cooperation with other players while talking with Dominion who competes for how much score to earn'' 'Can you beat?' At the beginning, I was forced to build the deck by myself, and the point that I couldn't cooperate with each other so much was the point of reflection.

Although the difficulty is very high, the impression battle after play was very exciting, such as 'I wish I had done that over there' and 'I wish I could move more like this'. Develop strategies such as 'I'll be more conscious of purchasing spell cards this time,' or change the conditions such as 'Let's play with this combination of supplies' 'I want to play with this character', and always feel fresh You can play with. I also enjoyed exploring which cards would work and what strategies would work for Nemesis.

The full Japanese version of Aeon's End can be purchased at Amazon.co.jp. The price is 9500 yen including tax at the time of article creation.

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