A battle card game `` Blade Rondo Grim Garden '' review that can be played by one person who summons a beautiful girl and fights with sword and magic

Blade Rondo Grim Garden ” is an independent extended version of the “

Blade Rondo ” card game that fights in the world of sword and magic Gothic fantasy. In addition to attractive illustrations of beautiful girls drawn on packages and cards, it is characterized by a game system that even one person can enjoy a battle card game that should not be able to play without two people, it is an extended version but it can be a single unit I was able to play, so I actually played it.

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The basic set of “Blade Rondo” has been reviewed in the following article.

A full-fledged fighting card game `` Blade Rondo '' review that can be played by one person fighting a beautiful girl with seven swords-gigazine

◆ Package and contents
The package of Blade Rondo Grim Garden looks like this.

The number of players is assumed to be 1-2, the play time is 10-20 minutes, and the target age is assumed to be 8 years old or older.

The contents are a manual, 2 boards, 2 sets of 10 dice with 3 colors, 2 life stones, 65 cards.

The card is a breathing card ...

Sword card

And three types of idea cards. The idea card is a card used for solo play, and the design of the back of the card, “

Blade Rondo NightTheater ”, has changed.

◆ I tried playing against two people
First of all, we decided to play against the editorial staff who had never played analog games with the rules for beginners. Prepare two sets of 10 sword cards specified in the manual and distribute them to players.

Each player randomly chooses 7 cards from 10 sword cards that are dealt and uses them as a hand.

Then, place 10 dice and life stone on the board, and display 0 at first. The 10-sided die does not roll, but acts as a meter that represents the values of ATTACK, VOLTAGE, and DEFFENCE. The life stone indicates the player's physical strength, and the maximum value is 15. If you are attacked by your opponent and become 0, you lose.

Of the breathing method cards, place the “heating method” that increases the attack power and the “protection method” that increases the defense power one by one, and if you decide the first or second attack with Janken etc., you are ready.

When the player reaches the turn, first increase the voltage value in the center of the board by one. Voltage represents the player's ability to act.

In order to use the card, you need to pay the cost written in the upper left, but the voltage is the upper limit of the cost you can pay per turn. For example, in the following scene, the attack power is increased by 1 by using the “heating method” card with 1 voltage. The amount of damage you give to your opponent is the amount that you deduct your opponent's defense from your attack strength.

In addition, this 'Causal Censorship Sapphire' is a cost 1 response card that has the effect of 'reducing the first damage you take in that attack to 1'. Cards marked with “L” will be removed from play once they are used, but they will have powerful effects such as neutralizing the opponent's attack almost once.

By paying a cost of 1, you can keep one card face down and can be activated according to your opponent's attack.

On the other hand, editorial staff who are not used to card games are steadily preparing for attacks. In the state of voltage 4, first pay the cost 1 and increase the attack power by 'heating method'.

And pay 'Cost 2' and use 'Crest Emblem'. This card has the effect of reducing the cost of a card with a blue coat of arms by 1 at the same time as performing a physical attack until the end of the turn.

Therefore, we use “Lumino Bouquet” with a blue coat of arms on the right. Originally it is a card with a cost of 1, but it activates at a cost of 0 due to the effect of 'Crest of the Sword'. The effect is a magic attack that deals 1 damage regardless of your opponent's defense.

Finally, use the blessing method at the remaining cost 1 to increase your defense. A smooth combo that considers the linkage of cards will make a scream from your opponent saying, 'Is it really the first time for me to play a card game?'

In yet another turn, the beginner editorial staff uses the “beating method” that can be used only once by the following player. This beating method also has an “L” mark, so it can only be used once during a battle. In addition, the effect is that 'one more cost can be used only during the turn used'.

The voltage value is 6, but it is possible to use the cost up to 7 by the effect of the beating method. Then, the board game beginner editorial staff increased the attack power by the heating method, and then attacked the opponent with a “heavy sword” that could make a physical attack of double the attack power.

The opponent activates the “causal censorship sapphire” that had been concealed in advance, limiting the damage to 1, but ...

In the next turn, he was attacked again and lost all his strength. By thinking about card collaboration and combos, even beginners can fight a heated battle.

◆ I tried solo play
Blade Rondo Grim Garden, a competitive card game, can also be played by one person. If you play alone, your opponent will be the idea card. First, arrange the idea cards separately on “LEVEL 1”, “LEVEL 2” and “LEVEL 3” on the back.

First of all, take out 4 types of response cards x 2 from the sword card, a total of 8 cards, and place one set of 4 types as 'Gokushi' at hand, and the other set aside.

The rest will be prepared in the same way as a two-player battle.

There are 5 solo plays. First, turn over the LEVEL1 idea card. Since the idea's attack power and defense power are written in the upper left of the card, it is displayed using another board.

The idea begins to move as indicated by the numbers on the top right. For example, in the following case, when the player's 3rd turn ends, “Honeymoon Grape Musume Annette” starts moving and performs all actions written at the bottom of the card every turn. “Mitsutsuki no Grape Musume Annette” is a special attack type that attacks physical attacks and magic attacks while recovering its life.

Then, when the voltage has been accumulated enough, the heavy hitting sword that shook the rage at the time of two-player battle is activated and the attack is repeated. Defeat 15 ideas with a health of 0.

When you defeat an idea, you can choose to get the defeated idea or get a sword card from the deck. In addition, each time you defeat the idea, the player's attack power, voltage, defense power, and stamina return to their initial state, and the sword cards used can be recovered except for those that were removed from play.

The first and second races were won, and the third race was finally confronted with the LEVEL 2 idea “Shifulvati, the water supervisor”. It ’s a pretty nasty opponent that starts one turn later and increases its attack power by one each turn.

The player's physical strength is getting sharper, but using a “full of carols” that can restore life ...

Activated a super powerful heavy hitting sword that has been taken care of many times.

Although it was last minute, I managed to defeat the LEVEL 2 idea. The solo play mode is for one person, and humans are not opponents, but it is adjusted to the degree that it will quickly become a pinch if you do not think carefully about the effect of the card and the timing of activation, and it has a considerable texture.

When I actually played it, the impression that the depth of the game was increased by the increase of cards with various effects than the first Blade Rondo. Pleasant feeling when a combo that folds an attack against the opponent in consideration of the cooperation of cards is decided. Since the rules have become a little more complicated, there are cases where detailed interpretations that cannot be covered by the manual alone, such as 'What does this mean?' So it is recommended to check the explanations and questions and answers on the official website and Twitter official account . In addition, even the editorial staff who have rarely played analog games can grasp the rules in one or two times, so even beginners can easily play.

Blade Rondo Grim Garden has a new concept of “coins”, but there are almost no scenes to use even if you actually play, and even if you play, you hardly felt the necessity. However, since coins are also involved in conditional branching of card activation effects, you can fully expect that the strategy will be wider by playing with the cards of the previous Blade Rondo series.

Blade Rondo Grim Garden is available at Amazon.co.jp for 2672 yen including tax.

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