`` Blade Rondo Frost Veil '' play review fighting with seven swords with the appearance of a beautiful girl in a frozen world

' Blade Rondo Frost Veil ', an extended version of the battle card game '

Blade Rondo ', which is played with only 7 cards, appeared on Domina Games on Thursday, December 5, 2019. In this work, a new ability called ' frozen ' has been added, and it has evolved into a game that requires more thinking ability, so I actually tried playing.

Blade Rondo Frost Veil | Domina Games

◆ Contents
The package of Blade Rondo Frost Veil looks like this. The number of players is one or two, and the estimated playing time is 10-20 minutes.

The contents are a game manual, 2 parameter boards, 2 parameter dice, 2 colors, 2 lifestones, 4 types of cards totaling 60 cards.

The sword card looks like this. The back is the same design as the previous Blade Rondo series.

Blade Rondo Frost Veil is characterized by the addition of ' freeze ', which activates at the time difference after the effect of the card comes into play.

Breathing cards are no different from the previous Blade Rondo series.

Sonya's sword card with a snowstorm and a white sword on the back is for solo play.

In solo play, there is one Sonya card against the player.

On the back of the Sonya card, the progress of the game in solo play was described. In addition, Blade Rondo Frost Veil is positioned as an expanded version, but it is possible to play alone without having a previous series.

◆ I tried to play with two people
Immediately, we played against each other. First, each player places the parameter dice with the 0's up on the same color place on the parameter board as follows, and places the lifestone at the place of '15'. The parameter dice is for displaying the ATTACK (attack power), VOLTAGE (voltage), and DEFENCE (defense power) values, and is not actually used by rolling.

Place 'Heating' and 'Blessing' on the breathing card one by one in front of the parameter board.

Shuffle 40 sword cards and distribute 15 to each player. Then, each player picks 15 to 7 cards and puts them in their hand. Unused cards are removed from the game face down.

If you decide to play first or second with rock-paper-scissors or the like, the latter will receive one beating card and set the attack power to 1. Preparation is OK with this.

When it comes to your turn, first add one voltage. This voltage number is the maximum cost that you can act on that turn. In other words, as the game progresses, the actions that can be performed increase. In addition, since the parameter dice have only 0-9, the voltage will not be 9 or more. Therefore, after the 9th turn, it is a system that 'life cannot be increased but life decreases by 1'.

The cost of the action is the number at the top left of the card. Since this time is 1, the first player issues an 'ice blade sword' that has the ability to freeze and perform a physical attack. Physical attacks can damage your opponent by subtracting your opponent's defense from your attack power.

By using a 'heating method' card with a cost of 1, you can increase your attack power. In addition to being reduced by your opponent's defense power, you can only increase the attack power once per turn, so it is extremely difficult to fight with physical attacks alone. In addition, the defense power can be set to the amount of the cost paid by using the 'protection law' card.

Cards with the ability to freeze are placed in the set area (to the left of the parameter board). It has no effect on the turn, but it can be activated at any time of your own turn after the next turn.

Subsequent players place an “icicle drop”, which also has the ability to freeze, in the set area. The magic attack performed by the icicle drop ignores the defense and can damage the opponent by the number in parentheses. For example, in the case of an icicle drop, the damage dealt is 1.

In the next turn, the second player activates an icicle drop with the card on its side. You do not need to pay the cost to activate the effect, as cards with the ability to freeze pay the cost when they come into play.

If you take damage, reduce the Lifestone counter. Of course, the player who lost the life is 0.

The first player who rushed, 'It's tough if it's just a physical attack,' places 'Hydrangea's Demon Sword' in the play area (before the parameter board). Hydrangea's magic sword is a card that allows you to choose either physical attack or magic attack, this time select magic attack.

After increasing the attack power, the second player pays a cost and drops a card into play. This is a response card that can be activated at any time if the conditions are met. However, when the opponent's turn is over, you will return to your hand, so it is important to decide when to turn down.

On the next turn, the first player pays 3 costs and places 'Migratory Lefranc' in the set area. The migrating Lefran is a card with a summon that can be placed under your control by placing it in the set area, the effect is automatically activated, and you can borrow its defense power. For example, if a player with zero defense summons a migrating lefran, he may calculate his defense at 3 when he receives a physical attack.

... and the first player who was excited by activating a powerful card, the second player declares, 'Yes, activate the response card!' The response card 'Optical in the Aurora Sky' that the later player was lying down negates the action taken by the opponent with a cost of 3 or more. If you pay cost 1, you can avoid invalidation, but the first player can not pay because the cost limit has already been reached.

The migrating Lefranc has been disabled. The migrating Lefranc has an 'L' limited icon and will be removed from play as a discarded card if disabled.

The first player who understands the power of the response card will face down the response card in the next turn.

The aim of the subsequent player was to summon this 'Inscribed Lament'. The imprint lament is a very powerful card that says, 'If you have more life than your opponent at the start of the turn, you win.' After that, the first player will always lose if he doesn't keep more life than the second player. Subsequent players are convinced of the win at this point, but ...

Then, the second player is even better. Activate frozen Campanella and icicle drops.

The arbitrating Campanella is to make the opponent's life eight. In addition, magic attack is added, and the physical strength of the first player is reduced at a stretch.

However, the first player activated the response card 'Warmy Amber', saying 'I'm glad I was downside down!' Healed 3 lives.

In addition, the ice blade sword that was frozen from the first turn is activated. It takes a physical attack to reduce the opponent's HP.

In addition, a 5 crush sword is activated. A crushing sword is a powerful card that says, 'If your opponent discards two cards, your damage will be doubled, if you don't, your damage will be quadrupled.'

Although the second player reluctantly discarded two cards, the remaining life is just barely two. Since you have almost lost your hand, you will be different from the previous advantage, you will not be able to do it during the turn, and all costs will be converted to defense, such as 'Full defense!'

However, on the next turn, 'Vortexpiola', in which the first player makes a magic attack, is activated ...

The second player's life is reduced to 0, and the match ends. At the beginning, the battle was quiet and retreating, but once it started moving, it was almost over.

◆ I tried a solo play “Frozen Rose”
The big point of the Blade Rondo series is that you can play alone. Blade Rondo Frost Veil's solo play allows you to fight Sonya. The basic preparation is the same as for a two-player match, except that the opponent places a Sonya card instead of a normal breathing card.

Shuffle 40 sword cards, draw 15 cards, select 7 of them, and put them in your hand.

Shuffle the 10 Sonya sword cards except the 4 laid stone cards with purple icons on the upper left ...

Five of them are arranged face-up from left to right in order of “start-up turn” written in the upper right corner of the card.

Shuffle the four cards and place the two cards face up on the right side of the parameter board on Sonya.

Since the player will be the second attack, receive the beat method card, set the attack power to 1, and you are ready for solo play.

When all arrangements are completed, it looks like this.

The first player is Sonya's turn. Increasing the voltage by 1 handles Sonya's breathing. Sonya's breathing is very powerful, saying 'Increase the attack power by 2, but if the attack power is higher than the defense power, increase the defense power by 1.'

Sonya's action is to process 5 Sonya's sword cards from left to right. However, if Sonya's voltage does not exceed the activation turn in the upper right, the card will not take action. This time, the start-up turn of 'Rondo to accelerate' on the far left was 3, so Sonya doesn't act until the third turn.

In the meantime, players increase their attack power.

By the way, using a 'beating method' card that increases the maximum cost by 1 for one turn ...

To summon a 'Howling Crescendo' that launches a physical attack every turn.

On the third turn, Sonya finally starts moving. Handles the action of 'Accelerate Rondo' that increases the voltage by 1 and 'Morning Wolf Tusk' that performs a physical attack with an attack power of 3.

The fact that Sonya's sword card is placed face up indicates what action will take place in the future. The 'Spear of Stronghold' that will be activated in the next turn is a card that has the effect of '+1 Sonya's defense and -1 player's defense'.

Therefore, we will set up a “refraining refrain” that will perform a magic attack every turn, and we will work to reduce the opponent's life little by little.

However, as the game progresses, Sonya will also perform a “deadly mist” that launches a magical attack in addition to the physical attack of the morning wolf tusks. In addition, on turn seven, you'll notice the Sleeping Wedge, which has the terrible effect of 'If Sonya has more life than player, player will be defeated.'

So, recover your life with the response card that was turned down.

In addition, Sonya's defense is increasing rapidly, so he attacks magic rather than physical attacks. Rolling out a Vortex Piola increases the damage of subsequent magic attacks in the same turn. Combine this with a spiral sage that says 'If a magic attack has been made at least once in the same turn, the cost will be -1', it will break up a total of 6 damage magic attacks.

However, due to the effect of the response card on Sonya's side, Sonya recovered 3 life because her life was less than 10.

At the start of Sonya's turn, the player's life was 10 while Sonya's life was 9, so the Wedge of Destruction did not trigger. For the time being, the immediate defeat is a relief.

However, Sonya's Deadly Mist, who launches a two-damage magic attack, is very troublesome. The player's life is steadily being reduced, so if you do not hit it at once, defeat is inevitable.

You can only manage to keep the player's life below Sonya's life while attacking with a howling crescendo that can increase the attack power by 3 for 3 costs.

Sonya is protected by the effect of the response card 'Bound Sphene', which nullifies the one-off attack.

While managing damage and cost, I attacked Jacques and Sonya, reduced Sonya's life to 0, and managed to win.

In Blade Rondo Frost Veil, an effect called `` freeze '' that is not in the previous series has been added, and this will be a time lag attack or a combo generation technique that links the effects of cards, so it is more than ever I felt that the range of strategies was expanding. Also, with the addition of cards that allow you to select one of multiple effects, such as 'physical attack or magical attack', the impression that the strategy is unpredictable is increasing.

In addition, solo play has a sense of playing like stuffed chess, 'looking at the opponent's hand and reading ahead', and you can enjoy it differently from competition. Because the text of the card is somewhat difficult to understand and the rules are complicated, there are things that are difficult for those who are not familiar with card games, but the official website and the Twitter account of Domina Games also explain the judgment and interpretation of the game system You.

Blade Rondo Frost Veil is 2970 yen including tax and can be purchased from the following Amazon page.

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