A game to arrest and arrest Hong Kong demo participants appeared, and when you actually play it looks like this


Hong Kong democratization demonstration that broke out in 2019 has been ongoing for several months, and the Chinese government is interfering with launching the “ Great Cannon ” cyber weapon. Meanwhile, “a browser game that strikes and arrests Hong Kong demo participants” has appeared and is suspected to be part of Chinese propaganda.

China has its own Hong Kong protest game that lets you beat up activists | South China Morning Post

Chinese video game lets players attack Hong Kong protesters

In Hong Kong, demonstration activities continued with the amendment to the fugitive code, and the prosecutor who expressed his support for the Hong Kong demonstration was dismissed. The impact has been wide-ranging, such as a rush of accuses and a drive for removal . It also turned out that the Chinese government is trying to interfere with the demonstration activities in various ways, such as making an enthusiasm for throwing distrust in the Hong Kong demonstration on Twitter.

What is the strategy that Chinese authorities are deploying on Twitter to conclude the Hong Kong demonstration? -GIGAZINE

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Meanwhile, Global Times , a web media affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party , published an article saying that a game targeting a traitor in Hong Kong is attracting players on SNS across China. The introduced game “ Everyone Hit the Traitors ” is based on the Hong Kong demo, and it is said that it is a game for demonstrators wearing black clothes and prominent democratic people. That.

'Everyone Hit the Traitors' can actually be played on the browser from the link below.


The top page contains the words, “Hong Kong, China-like Hong Kong, unsatisfactory external power! (Hong Kong is part of China and cannot be disturbed by external forces!)”. To play the game, click “All People Strike”.

Then, funds from Western-style characters flowed into Hong Kong, and a manga was displayed that suggested that the demonstrators were driven by money. Click to go to the next screen.

The flow of the game is to find 'eight separatists' that are confused among demonstrators.

When you look at the screen, you can clearly see people dressed differently from regular demonstrators. Click on a man on the screen to try it out ...

A game developer's explanation appears that this person is a democracy aiming for Hong Kong independence and performing a dangerous and violent demonstration. Click “Standing Detention”.

Then, from the left end of the screen, black dress demonstrators walked. The player can attack the demonstrators by selecting an attack method from “Span”, “Kick” and “Bat”.

Scramble with your palm ...

Attack the demonstrators by kicking them with your feet.

You can also hit with a bat. After several hits, the demonstrator is arrested and a number is counted in the upper right, but the game is over when the demonstrator reaches the right edge of the screen.

After a while, the central person of the demo you selected first appears, so if you defeat this person you will clear the stage. In addition, it seems that the “eight separatists” treated in this game are based on the motifs of Mr.

Huang Yi and Ms. Lee .

South China Morning Post , a daily English newspaper in Hong Kong, points out that the Global Times first reported it too early, even though there was no information to identify the creator of the game. The Global Times said that “Attracting players on SNS across China”, but WeChat and Weibo have hardly mentioned this game. From this point, South China Morning Post and New York Post suggest that there is a possibility of a game created with the backing of the Communist Party of China.

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