I tried playing the battle card game 'Geminoa' where twin beautiful girls who have reincarnated fight fierce battles over each other's souls

Domina Games will release a card game ' Geminoa ' on December 3, 2020, in which twins of the blood of angels and demons repeatedly reincarnate and fight for the fate of each other's souls and the human world. It's a two-player card game that uses cards with many beautiful girls drawn and fights by making full use of 'discard' and 'sublimation', so I was wondering what kind of game it was, so I actually played it I checked the gameplay.

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The Geminoa package looks like this. A white-haired girl 'Sherione' and a black-haired girl 'Philvia' are depicted.

Geminoa can be played by one or two people. The target age is 12 years old and over, and the play time is assumed to be 10 to 20 minutes.

The contents of the package look like this. A set of decks, parameter boards, lifestones and dice was included for two people, Sherione and Philvia.

The deck contains techniques acquired by the twins during repeated incarnations such as 'Slashing' and 'Kuren Saki'. The illustrations drawn on the decks of Sherione and Philvia are different, but the names, effects, and number of cards are exactly the same. The white framed card is the Sherione card, and the black framed card is easily distinguishable from the Philvia card.

The back of the deck looks like this. Illustrations of Sherione and Philvia are drawn respectively.

On the left side of the parameter board, a frame showing the shield value and the number of manna is placed on the illustration of Sherione and Philvia, and on the right side, a frame showing the life point is placed.

The attached dice look like this. A 10-sided die engraved with numbers 0-9. In Geminoa, the dice are used to display the shield value and the number of mana you have, rather than rolling them. The blue dice represent the shield value, and the green dice represent the number of manna possessed.

Align the blue and green dice with 2, which is the initial value of the shield value, and 0, which is the initial value of the number of mana you have. After setting the life stone to the initial health position of 20, you are ready to play Geminoa.

Start the game by drawing 3 cards for the first attack and 5 cards for the second attack from each deck to your hand.

In Geminoa, you will play through the four phases of 'Shield Recovery Phase', 'Action Phase', 'Disposal Phase', and 'Adjustment Phase' in order in one turn.

The first hand looks like this. In the first 'Action Phase', you can use any number of cards in your hand. The card with the number on the left side of the card consumes manna and is used, but it cannot be used immediately after the game starts because it does not have manna.

So, using the 'Broken Moon' that can be used without consuming manna ...

I got 1 manna by the effect of 'Collapsed Moon'. Turn the 1st side of the green die up so you can see how many mana you currently have.

The action phase is over because there is nothing else I can do. In the next 'Discard Phase', you can select up to two of your favorite cards from your hand or put into play and 'discard' them. This time, I wanted to specialize in physical attacks, so I thought it was unnecessary to replenish manna, so I 'discarded' the 'broken honeymoon.'

Next is the 'adjustment phase'. First of all, discard all the cards in the field and the cards in your hand ...

Draw 5 cards from your deck as a hand to end the turn.

On the next turn, I used the magic attack card 'Senka'. There are two types of attacks, physical attacks and magic attacks. Physical attacks cannot damage the main body unless the opponent's shield is scraped, but magic attack cards can pass through the shield and directly damage the opponent. I can do it.

Philvia suffered 1 damage due to the magic attack, and the remaining life is 19.

Magic attack cards that require a lot of mana to specialize in physical attacks are also 'discarded'. The more you 'discard', the more optimized it is for the cards you want in your deck.

As the turn progressed, seven cards were collected in the 'discard' area. Every time you discard 7 cards, you will be able to 'sublimate' one of your favorite cards from your hand or in play.

This time, we have 'sublimated' the 'funeral slash' that causes powerful physical damage. 'Sublimated' cards can be used repeatedly every turn, so you can continue to deal physical damage. As it is, we will specialize in physical attacks and aim to defeat Philvia.

However, Philvia, who had also repeatedly 'discarded' and optimized the deck for physical attack specialization, activated a total of 10 damage physical attack cards at the same time.

I couldn't stand this, and I had no life left, and Sherione was defeated.

The decks used in Geminoa contain exactly the same cards as each other, but there are completely different decks depending on the cards that are 'discarded', such as leaving only magic attack cards in the deck or leaving physical attack cards and support cards in a well-balanced manner. The interesting part to complete.

Also, if you repeat 'discard' and your hand and deck become 0, you can use a powerful 'deckless beat' that slips through the opponent's shield and directly deals 4 damage. Even if the deck runs out, you can still hit it with a powerful attack, so it is important not to be afraid that the number of decks will decrease, and how to 'discard' it.

Geminoa also has a one-player mode, so I tried playing it. In one-player mode, the player plays as Philvia and aims to defeat Sherione, who uses a dedicated deck.

However, Sherione's one-player deck is very troublesome, and in this play, a vicious combo of '+5 shield every turn and giving 3 damage magic attack' was decided.

Again, I tried to 'sublimate' the 'spirit slash' and inflict 3 damage on Sherione every turn to reduce life points, but I couldn't break Sherione's powerful shield, resulting in a big defeat.

Geminoa uses decks that have already been built, so you can start the game smoothly without falling into the situation that is common to beginners in competitive card games, such as 'I got tired of building a deck before I started.' There are some complicated parts in the rules, but if you read the manual carefully and play through it once, you can understand it, and once you get used to it, you can play quickly in about 15 minutes per play. Even if you use the same deck, you can fight in many ways depending on the cards that 'discard' and 'sublimate', so it is recommended for those who are looking for a competitive card game that can be started easily and those who want to play while thinking carefully. is.

In addition, Geminoa is scheduled to be released on December 3, 2020, and at the time of article creation, it can be reserved for 2970 yen at Amazon.co.jp.

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