Play review of ``DarkOne'', a battle card game where you scrape your life and energy while discarding unnecessary cards and fighting with powerful relics and demons

From Domina Games, known for card games such as '

Blade Rondo ' and ' Eresia ,' ' DarkOne ' is a card game in which four characters battle while evolving their unique systems and dedicated decks.December 21, 2023 (Thursday) ) appeared in I received such DarkOne from Domina Games, so I actually tried playing it.

DarkOne - Domina Games

The DarkOne package looks like this.

The number of players is 1 to 2 people, the play time is 10 to 20 minutes, and the target age is 12 years or older.

The contents include a DarkOne rule manual and two parameter boards.

2 life markers, 2 energy markers, 1 ammo marker, 1 mana marker, and 2 poison markers.

The cards include 4 character cards, 60 tactical cards, 10 foreign object cards, and 12 cards for solo play.

To prepare for the game, each player first chooses one of the four character cards.

Next, deal one parameter board to each player. Then, place a blue energy marker at '3' on the left and a red life marker at '20' of the life meter on the right.

Of the four characters, Filvia and Luke have separate parameter boards. For Filvia, place a mana marker at '2' on the mana meter above the life meter.

Additionally, one poison marker will be distributed to each player.

There are 15 tactical cards for each of the four characters, so divide them into four by looking at the color on the back.

Distribute 15 strategy cards to each player that correspond to their characters. These 15 cards become the player's deck.

Players shuffle 15 tactical cards into a deck, then draw 3 cards. These three cards are the player's starting hand.

The 10 relic cards are then shuffled and each player draws 3 cards. These three relic cards are placed face down on the field, but you can always look at the front of your relic card to check its contents.

The game is now ready. Looking at the state at the start of the game from the player's perspective, it looks like this.

Start the game by deciding who will go first and who will go second. The game ends when either player's life points reach 0. When it is your turn, players proceed through the 'Start Phase', 'Action Phase', and 'End Phase' in order. In the 'starting phase', first place the energy marker at the '3' position and set your energy to 3.

Next, draw two tactical cards from the deck. However, if you go first, you will only draw one card on the first turn.

In the ``Action Phase,'' you can ``execute the special effects written on your character card,'' ``use your hand,'' and ``reveal the relic card'' in any order and as many times as you like. For example, Sylvene's special effect, ``A monk knight who never forgives heretics,'' allows you to select and discard one card from your hand by paying 1 energy.

Place the discarded cards in front of you face down and vertically as shown below.

This time, I tried using a card called 'Sei Zetsu' from my hand. This card can unleash a physical attack with power 4 on your opponent. Furthermore, the effect written below it, 'Full Body', can be activated by declaring it immediately before using the card. However, 'Whole Body' can only be activated once per turn. When you activate 'Full Body' with 'Holy Zetsu', the power of physical attacks will increase by +2 by paying the cost of 1 energy, and +1 if you do not pay. This time, I chose power +1 without paying.

The power of the physical attack from “Seitsutsu” has been increased to 5. The damage caused by physical attacks is calculated by subtracting the opponent's energy from the power. This time, my opponent's energy was 3, so I succeeded in reducing his life by 5-3 = 2 points.

Once you have completed what you need to do in the 'Action Phase', move on to the 'End Phase'. In the 'end phase', if you have 4 or more cards in your hand, discard your hand until you have 3 cards, then pass the turn to your opponent.

Next is Filvia's turn, 'a girl who was reincarnated as a human with the blood of an angel and a demon.' Filvia has a special effect where she gains 1 mana at the start of every turn.

Filvia has increased the mana meter on the parameter board by 1.

Filvia, who has the ability to summon demons, can use this mana to summon demons as subordinates. For example, this 'Demon Knight' is a demon that can be summoned for 2 mana, and by paying the cost of 1 energy, it is possible to unleash a physical attack with a power of 3. In addition, ``Full Body'' has the powerful effect of allowing you to perform a physical attack with power 3 again, although it reduces your life by 1. Once a demon is under your control, it remains in play, making it a very reliable attacker.

Sylvene, on the other hand, wants to destroy evil beings like demons, so although she cannot make demons her subordinates, she can unleash powerful physical attacks. For example, the 'White Blade of Dust Return' below is also a card that can perform physical attacks, and has an icon in the upper left that indicates physical attacks.

However, Filvia reveals a card called 'Protection of Severance' and declares 'Response'. 'Protection of Severance' has an effect called 'Response' that can be activated when the opponent's actions meet the conditions, and if a physical attack card is used, it is possible to reduce damage of 5 or less to 0. We succeeded in completely nullifying the damage caused by 'White Blade of Dust Return'.

Sylvene was surprised when the attack was nullified. However, by using card effects, I was able to increase the number of discarded cards to three.

In this game, when you discard a card, it is removed from both your hand and the deck, so you can never use it again, but if you turn the discarded card from vertical to horizontal, you can pay it as a cost, and you can reveal the relic card. I can. For example, the following 'Vivian's Cane' is a card that can be revealed by using three discarded cards as a cost. Relic cards have powerful effects that are activated immediately when revealed. Therefore, it is recommended to actively discard cards and activate relic cards as early as possible in the game.

However, the 'Demon Knight' summoned by Philvia attacks every turn.

Furthermore, Filvia also pays the discarded card as a cost and reveals the relic card. It turned out to be a ``Forest Engraving'' that inflicts poison damage when your opponent uses a specific card. Because of this, Sylvene's actions are severely restricted.

There was nothing that could be done against Filvia's attack, and Sylvene's life points were whittled down to only 1 point remaining.

In order to deliver the final blow, Filvia consumes 3 energy, activates a special effect, and orders the summoned demons under her command to attack. Filvia's energy will be reduced to 0, but she will use physical attacks with a power of 3 three times, and will also activate her 'Full Body' attack, which will wipe out Sylvene's life points in one fell swoop.

However, at this point, Sylvene activates the response effect of the card 'Moonlight Protection'. Increases Ki +2 for one turn in response to the opponent's physical attack. Due to this effect, all of Filvia's physical attacks failed, resulting in 0 damage.

On the next turn, Sylvene activated two 'Holy Zetsu' with the returning sword, and also used 'Full Body' to unleash a physical attack with power 4 and a physical attack with power 6.

Filvia used all of her energy to deliver the finishing blow, and as a result, she received huge damage and her life points suddenly dropped to 0. At this point, Philvia lost and Sylvene's victory was confirmed.

When I actually played DarkOne, the first time I played with two players, I had to check the rules, so it took about an hour. It is similar to a deck building type in that you play by discarding or discarding cards, but you can use the discarded cards as costs to reveal relic cards or activate the effects of tactical cards. Because you can do this, you have to think about what will happen after you discard it, rather than just discarding it and compacting your deck, which can be said to be quite strategic. Also, the way the game progresses differs greatly depending on the character you choose at the beginning, so by choosing a character that suits your play style and understanding the effects of the cards, you can be sure of how you should act, including the actions of your opponent. You also need to think about it.

You need to get used to terminology, processing order, damage calculation, etc., and it may be a little difficult for people who have never played board games or competitive card games, but the rules themselves are simple and once you play it, you will be able to get used to it. You can roughly understand the flow of the game and detailed rules. Therefore, it is recommended that you play the first time just to remember the rules. Also, DarkOne supports solo play, so you can play without any problems even if you don't have anyone to play against.

DarkOne is also available on and can be purchased for 3520 yen including tax at the time of article creation.

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