Deck fixed card game `` Midrash '' play review that competes with 1 to 4 people aiming to acquire `` wisdom '', strategic elements and luck elements are intertwined in a well-balanced manner and can be enjoyed even by beginners

Domina Games, which has released many card games with beautiful illustrations, will release `` Midrash '', a battle game that earns wisdom points and suppresses the invasion of demons, on Thursday, June 15, 2023. I got such a midrash a little early, so I actually played it and searched for interesting points.

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card type
The midrash package looks something like this.

The number of players is 1 to 4, the estimated playing time is 20 to 120 minutes, and the target age is 12 years old or older.

The box contains 4 character cards, a magic book card, a facility card, a territory card, etc.

The four characters have different designs and flavor texts, but all four have the same performance.

Characters will 'awaken' when certain conditions are met. The performance after awakening is all the same.

There are four types of magic book cards, levels 1 to 4.

The name, illustration, and effect of the card are written on the back of the magic book card, and the cost is written on the upper left of the card, the combat power is written on the lower left, and the wisdom is written on the lower right. In the case of 'Marid' below, the cost is 1, the combat power is 1, and the wisdom is 0.

The higher the level of the magic book card, the higher its performance. In the case of level 1 'Marid', the combat power is 1, but in the case of level 4 'Lutiyar', the combat power is 10. Luthier also has 3 Wisdom. In Midrash, you win when your wisdom reaches 10, so actively summoning high-level spellbook cards is a shortcut to victory.

However, the mountain of magic book cards of level 2 or higher also includes devil cards, and if a devil card is summoned, a holy war will occur. If you lose the holy war, you will lose a lot of mana necessary for action, so there will be a bargaining between summoning high-level cards in search of wisdom or summoning low-level cards to avoid demons.

There are six types of installation cards, such as 'Magic Ore' that can obtain mana every turn and 'Study' that can raise the magic level of the character by 1.

Equipment cards can be flipped and upgraded by meeting certain conditions. Upgrading will increase the amount of mana you get, or grant wisdom to installation cards.

◆ How to proceed with the game
The card arrangement at the start of the game for 4 players is like this. Arrange the installation cards and magic book cards in the center, and place the character cards and territory cards selected by each player around them.

Five territory cards are arranged next to the character card. There are two types of territory cards: ``mansion'' on which cards can be placed and ``wasteland'' on which cards cannot be placed.

The procedure for the first turn is as follows. First, the character card's 'At the start of turn' effect is activated and you gain 1 mana.

Mana can be managed visually using mana count cards.

Next, select and install one facility card with the effect of the character card. This time, I chose 'Magic Ore' that can get mana every turn.

Place 'magic ore' on the mansion card.

Since there is nothing more we can do, we return the mana to 0 and pass it to the next player. In Midrash, mana is reset every turn, so in order to increase the number of actions per turn, it is necessary to put out multiple 'cards that can obtain mana' on the field.

If you spend mana to raise your character's magic level to 1 or higher, you will be able to summon a grimoire card. In addition, the magic level is maintained without being reset even after the turn ends.

The procedure for summoning a magic book card is like this. First, draw 3 cards from the pile of mage cards.

Turn over the drawn card to check its effect and choose a card.

This time, I chose Shira, who has 1 Wisdom.

Level 2 or higher grimoire card piles contain demon cards.

As a result of drawing 3 cards, 2 were devil cards. If you draw a devil card, a battle with the devil 'holy war' will occur.

If the 'total combat power of the cards in your field' exceeds or is the same as the combat power written on the lower right of the devil card, you win, and if it falls below it, you lose. The battle power of the devil card drawn this time is 8.

The total combat strength of the cards on the field is also 8. It's a close victory.

If you win the Crusade, you can discard the Devil cards. If you lose, you will lose the same amount of mana as the cost written on the upper left of the devil card.

In Midrash, you repeat the installation of equipment cards and the summoning of magic book cards, and if the wisdom exceeds 10, you will win. Detailed rules can also be confirmed in the official movie below.

Midrash Rule Guide-YouTube

How to earn wisdom
In order to accumulate 10 wisdom faster than anyone else, it is important not only to summon a magic book card with high wisdom and place it on the field, but also to leave the devil card on the field as a achievement. In the early stages, you can use the Devil Card as an achievement by using the 'Angel Statue', which is the upgrade destination of the equipment card 'Devil's Statue'.

The effect of the ``Angel Statue'' is ``When you win the Holy War, you can replace the ``Angel Statue'' with a ``Wasteland'' to make the Devil Card a merit.

Devil cards are given 1 to 3 wisdom, so you can accumulate wisdom from the beginning.

What was powerful when playing was the effect that ``You can put cards one by one from the pile of magic book cards of all levels into the discard pile, and use the effect of one of the cards placed in the discard pile at a cost of 0''. It is 'Kuriltu' with

If you activate the effect of Kuriltu, you can use one effect of a 1-4 level magic book card. Since you don't know which card will come out, there is an element of luck, but the appeal is that you don't have to be afraid of getting a devil card, and you can use powerful effects at zero cost.

With the effect of 'Kuriltu', I was able to use the too strong effect of 'Yam Nahal' 'Choose one devil card in the discard pile and make it an achievement' at a cost of 0.

Select a Wisdom 3 Devil card from the discard pile. The combat power of this devil card is 25 and it is a strength that can not be beaten until the end of the game, but thanks to 'Kuriltu' I was able to achieve it without difficulty.

In addition to 'Yam Nahal', 'Zoo' also has the effect of 'Instead of making this place a wasteland, select one devil card in the discard pile and make it an achievement'.

Now you can credit the Wisdom 3 Devil card at no risk.

In the end, the player who efficiently accumulated Wisdom with the effect of 'Zoo' reached Wisdom 12 first and won.

Midrash can't do much in the early stages of the game when mana is scarce, but once you can supply the necessary mana, the game develops at once and wisdom begins to accumulate. Also, although it is a battle format between players, there is no direct fighting power, so it is also attractive that you can carefully work on your favorite strategy. The pleasure when a strategy fits well and a large amount of wisdom can be acquired was considerable.

In addition, Midrash can be purchased from at at the time of article creation for 3850 yen including tax.

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