A super simple roguelike game 'Rogule' play review that captures a randomly generated dungeon on the browser for free once a day

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rogue-like game' is a game that follows the style of the dungeon exploration RPG ' Rogue ' announced in 1980, in which randomly generated dungeons are attacked in a turn-based manner. ' Rogule ' is a simple roguelike game that can be played for free from the browser, and can be played only once a day.

Rogule - a dungeon a day keeps the Balrog away

I tried playing a super simple roguelike game 'Rogue' that you can play on the browser once a day for free - YouTube

Click 'Play it now' to start playing.

To move, click or tap the direction key on the lower right, or use the direction key on the keyboard. You can rest for one turn by pressing the center of the lower right direction key or the '.' key. The player's health gauge is displayed at the top of the screen.

You can get items by breaking rocks and trees along the way. Collecting items will increase the score after clearing.

Enemies will appear as you progress.

You can attack by pressing the enemy's direction key.

I will advance the dungeon steadily while defeating the enemy. The shrine torii icon in the lower right is the goal of the dungeon.

However, in the small room ahead of him aiming for this goal, he was surrounded by two enemies.

The physical strength becomes 0 as it is attacked, and the game is over. I would like to try again, but I can only challenge once a day, so that's all for today. The dungeon is randomly generated every day, so the next day will be another dungeon.

The source code of Rogule is published on GitHub.

GitHub - chr15m/rogule.com: A dungeon a day keeps the Balrog away

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