'Snaketron' where everyone can play a snake game online

By Dirk Kirchner

' Snaketron ' is a snake game that keeps eating food so that you do not hit the wall around the screen or your body so that you can play against a randomly selected opponent. The Snaketron has no walls, and the snake that comes out of the screen reappears from the opposite direction and wins by hitting the opponent against the player or the opponent's own snake body.

Snaketron-Multiplayer online Snake

You can see what kind of feeling you can actually play by watching the following movie.

I actually played the online game ``Snaketron''-YouTube

You can join the game anonymously by clicking the 'Play Anonymously' button on the top page. If you enter your name and password in the text box below 'Register' and press the Enter key, you can use your name from 'Login' from the second time.

To start playing, click the green 'Play Random Opponent' in the middle or press the spacebar. At this time, when there are few players, you have to wait for a while until your opponent appears.

The countdown suddenly starts when an opponent is found. So, if you notice that you're not careful, the game was over... so be careful. The black snake on the screen is the player's snake, and the gray snake is the opponent.

The game has started. Use the arrow keys to move the snake. If you plunge into your opponent's body, you lose, so you can eat your green food while avoiding your opponent.

The more food you eat, the longer the snake will grow.

The snake game is over when you hit the surrounding walls, but there are no walls in Snaketron. So even if the snake exits from the bottom of the screen like this, it will immediately come out from the top.

Also be careful not to hit yourself against your body when avoiding your opponents or eating food.

The player wins if the opponent hits his body, and loses if his snake hits the opponent or his body.

This time the player wins because the gray snake (opponent) hits the body of the black snake (player).

By the way, at the bottom of the top page, the top 10 scores and player names at that time are displayed. Since the score was 40 in this play, it seems that there is still a long way to go to the score of 1980, which is the first place...

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