8-bit style 3D shooting game "ZEPTON" that you can play free from a browser

8-bit style 3D shooting game that you can play free from a web browser "ZEPTON"Has been released. Originally"PICO-8Although it is a game developed for use, since I can also play from a web browser, I actually played.


You can understand what kind of game ZEPTON is in one shot by watching the following movie.

I played 8bit wind shooting game "ZEPTON" - YouTube

When you start the game and press the enter key, the menu is displayed as shown below.

To start the game, press the arrow key to move the cursor to "NEW GAME" and press the enter key OK.

Then the game started with haste. Located in the large red frame at the center of the screen is a fighter that you control, with pink markers on the small red frame above it aiming.

The fighter plane operates using the arrow keys. Life is displayed in the lower left of the screen, and if this becomes zero or you hit an enemy, the ground, or an object, the game will be over.

A black object appearing on the screen is an enemy character, and when the aim is brought closer it will inform the existence of the enemy with the green display as follows.

When the aim is perfect, the sighting which turned pink changed to green as shown below. Attack is kept pressing X / V key OK.

You can defeat it when there is no light blue gauge displayed under the enemy. Score is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen, and you can extend the score by defeating the enemy.

If you are too close to the enemy, a warning "CLOSE" will be displayed at the top of the screen. As soon as you hit an enemy, it will be a game over so be careful.

In addition to normal attacks, you can fire missiles with the Z / C key. However, unlike ordinary attacks, missiles are impossible to carry out rapid fire, so it takes time to push keys and then fire until attacks, so it is difficult to use. Because there is power, it will increase the score if you can master it well.

Since the altitude of the fighter plane is written on the upper left of the screen, let's play carefully so that the altitude does not become too low.

When I actually played it, it is fun to play easily and free without any registration as a member in the browser anyway. Most of the enemy 's attacks are not so much, most of the reason why the game is over is a collision with the enemy, a collision with the ground or the building, so if you play with conscious of the sense of distance and the altitude with the enemy, you will gradually increase the score It seems likely to be possible. Playing time on the safety side will increase your playing time considerably, so if you play tied up such as "ban shooting leakage of enemies" or "play at altitude 100 or less", you will be able to enjoy a thrilling shooting experience in a short time.

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