Shipment of Oculus Rift started, evaluation of favorable performance of VR headset appeared one after another

VR headset "Oculus RiftShipment started on schedule on March 28, 2016, and it is beginning to arrive at the hands of the VR fans who reserved from early. Along with that, Rift 's first impression review has appeared in IT media.

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Oculus Rift Review: VR's Rising Star Is not Ready for the Mainstream - WSJ

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You can see what kind of world the VR headset "Rift" will show with what kind of hardware in the following movie.

Step Into Rift - YouTube

This is the package of Rift.

A pattern of pretty big boxes.

Recommended specifications are written.

In the white box there is a special case of black one color with a set of Rift. In addition, the special case is a style that opens with magnet type paccari.

Under the motion tracking camera is a controller for Xbox.

Rift is like this. It is slimmer than the development kit DK series for several developers.

A rubber band is designed like this. According to Ars Technica, despite being 30 grams heavier than DK 2, he seems to feel "light" when wearing it, it seems that the face fitting including bands has been improved.

Headphones are also carried.

Adjust the focal length using the lever on the top left side.

The end of the cable extending from Rift is HDMI and USB terminal. USB extension cable is also included.

A motion tracking camera placed on a desk has a tilt mechanism and can be finely adjusted.

It is also possible to remove the camera part and attach it to the camera's tripod.

A dedicated remote controller looks like this. Use it for easy games and movies.

Besides that, a thick manual, a cleaning cloth, a sticker are attached.

Turn the power on with Rift and the tutorial movie starts.

"OK" is displayed if it is recognized by attaching HDMI · USB cable.

Description of the dedicated remote control.

There are also screens for entering your height.

Next is the test of the motion tracking camera.

Standing up and adjusting the movement of the face. Then adjust the remote control by hand and OK.

It is said that an alien will welcome you when setup is over.

You can enjoy VR images of this powerful power.

There are 30 game contents prepared since the release of Rift. Among them, Ars Technica highly appreciates that it seems to be a killer application of Rift is a shooting game "Eve: Valkyrie"

this is"Radial-G". Many are becoming action games with first person perspective.

"Lucky's TaleThere is also a comical action game like.

of course"Defense Grid 2There is also a game of third person like the line like, and it seems that you can see the image as if you shot the sky from the drones by using Rift.

The Verge is summarizing the use feeling of Rift with a movie.

Oculus Rift review - YouTube

After various VR devices have appeared for over 10 years, finally Rift boasts a high degree of completion.

A black special case like an attache case.

You can store the Rift set inside.

Oculus publishes the game store for Rift. 30 games are $ 5 (about 570 yen) to $ 60 (about 6800 yen).

"DEAD SECRETA game like "...

Playable with a dedicated remote control.

The power of Rift is demonstrated in action - based game as well.

The RPG dungeon looks like this.

According to The Verge, even with Rift boasting advanced tracking technology, the phenomenon of "VR sickness" which causes headache, dizziness, and nausea will occur if VR content is used. However, this gets pretty good when you get used to it, and Rift says there is a charm that you want to enjoy more games than anything else.

Rift is not hardware dedicated to games. Video content for VR is also available.

Also using the Rift theatrical content "Oculus VIDEO" that enjoys ordinary 2D movies in a space like a movie theater is also ant.

To play the game a special controller "Oculus TouchWaiting for the appearance of.

If you use Oculus Touch you can naturally "grab things", so the play style of the game will change drastically.

Sports games such as table tennis are likely to become more realistic.

Also, The Wall Street Journal also released a first impression movie. It pointed out the comic of the appearance of enjoying the game with Rift, and it is a bit dry evaluation.

Oculus Rift Review: VR's Rising Star Is not Ready for the Mainstream - WSJ

Since Japan is included in Oculus Rift 's primary shipping country, it seems that Rift will arrive sequentially in the hands of Japanese users as well.

It is published on Facebook that Oculus VR co-founder Palmer Lucky is delivering autographed Rift to the first customer.

Personally delivering the first Rift to Alaska! - Palmer Freeman Luckey

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