A betrayer who reproduces the Nintendo Switch 'Super Mario Odyssey' appears on the masterpiece 'Super Mario 64' over 20 years ago

Kaze Emanuar who is working on the remodel of the action game ' Super Mario 64 ' for NINTENDO 64, which is still popular around the world for over 20 years, has released ' Super Mario Odyssey ' released on Nintendo Switch Super Mario 64 We have a grand plan to reproduce it above. At the time of writing, Kaze Emanuar has already succeeded in reproducing two stages, and the appearance is shown in the movie.

A Modder Recreated Super Mario Odyssey's Sand Kingdom In Super Mario 64

In the movie below, you can see how the waterfall country 'Dynaphor', the stage of Super Mario Odyssey, is reproduced on Super Mario 64.

Mario Odyssey 64-Cascade Kingdom Preview-YouTube

Such a feeling when reproducing Super Mario Odyssey with Super Mario 64. The basic models and textures seem to use Super Mario 64 stuff, but the Mario hat is cappy.

The action added in the Super Mario Odyssey is also reproduced, such as 'Toss a cappy, jumps to a springboard and jumps'.

Encounter one-on-one.

It seems that it is also possible to throw a cappy and capture a one-on.

Blocks that Super Mario 64 did not have ...

Kakashi also appeared.

Mario talks to Noko Noko ...

Compete on the mountain. In Super Mario 64 it was necessary to make full use of techniques such as triple jump, but in Super Mario Odyssey, the cappy hat action was able to advance the competition in an advantageous manner.

Stunningly win over Noko Noko and get Power Moon. The winning SE and poses were Super Mario 64's.

Also, the movie below reproduces the sand country 'Atchigna' on Super Mario 64.

Mario Odyssey 64-Sand Kingdom Preview-YouTube

The city of Atchinha is reproduced.

The ruins of the desert look like this.

The fitness gauge that appears when Mario is damaged is Super Mario 64's.

By capturing the Cribeau and overlapping several animals, a scene that could match up with the Girl Cribeau was also reproduced.

Sphin quiz appeared, also in the scene to question the mystery over Mario.

When Mario dives into the open hole in the desert ...

I have arrived at the temple of the god Athina who is the stage boss.

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