Reproduce the confrontation of the destiny of Mario VS Kuppa in the world of "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild"

Link of the heroPrincess ZeldaOrgirlMOD to change the appearance of the character something has become popular, etc. "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild", No longer the character of the Legend series of Zelda, Mario & Kuppa's MOD has appeared, and the confrontation of the fate of Mario VS Kuppa's fate is reproduced in the land of Hyrule.

MARIO vs BOWSER in Zelda Breath of the Wild - YouTube

That's why Mario appeared at once. This Mario for the Legend of Zelda for Breath of the WildWilian ZilvIn the MOD created by Mr. Mario, I changed the link of the leading character to Mario's appearance.

Mario to start running quickly. It seems that Mario is blending into the unique world view of Zelda's legend Breath of the Wild.

I fell asleep on the ground and discovered Koppa sleeping at Gooseka.

When Mario gets closer it gets up swiftly ... ...

Combat start. I made a MOD that turns the appearance of the monster called Hinox (HINOX) that appears in the game into a kappalynard killerMr.

The sense of size of Mario and Koppa is exquisite.

Looking at Koppa from the front is like this.

Further approach. It is quite powerful.

Motion basically reflects the link · Hinox's thing as it is, but in particular the KUPA exquisitely matches Hinox's motion, as if it were a monster that appeared in the game from ex-ancest I move around.

If Mario drinks "Spicy Elixir" on the way ...

Mario turns into Fire Mario.

While lightly admiring the imminent koopa ......

Somehow deliver a cold air attack with an ice rod.

Weapons are changed by not being like Mario. No way "Super Mario OdysseyMario's buddy · Cappy that appeared in "It is lined with weapons.

Equipped a cappy ... ...

I can throw it to the kopper.

However, it is only changing the appearance of the weapon to the capping, so you do not have to return to the hands of Mario and you need to voluntarily collect it.

Mario and Kuppa are fighting hard.

When Cappy hits Koppa's nose ......

Koppa keeps his nostrils flying around.

Lastly Mario destroyed Koppa with continuous attack. Mario will show off to a posing pose.

In this movie Mario is a good fire ball and will fight with Koppa.

Mario Fights Bowser In Botw - YouTube

Sueya Towards a sleeping sleeping kupa ......

Attack with Fireball.

Koppa tries to erase the fire at your feet with Achiqi. Of course this is the original motion of Hinox.

That's why the second round of confrontation of Mario VS Kuppa's fate starts.

Koopa to destroy the ground amazingly

Mario was defeated and fired back with a fire ball.

I wonder if it will be blown away by Koppa all the time ... ...

Mario won safely in the end.

The movie is finished with the appearance of Mario to skip by RUN.

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