30 unknown facts of "Super Mario Bros."


According to the 30th anniversary of "Super Mario Brothers" launch, software for Wii U that you can make your own Mario course on September 10, 2015 "Super Mario Maker"Has appeared, 30 unknown facts of the Super Mario Bros. named after the" 30th anniversary "are summarized.

30 years, 30 memorable facts about Super Mario Bros. | Ars Technica

◆ 01: The Super Mario Brothers' description says, "Rocks, blocks, plants etc in the course are quiet and prefer peaceMushroomsIt was transformed by Koppa. When the Princess Peach is rescued, the mushrooms will return to their original form ". In other words, one block that had been destroyed during play was actually a transformed mushroom tribe and seems to have robbed the mushroom tribe every time it destroys the block.

◆ 02: Koppa appearing on the final side of World 1 - 7, in fact the figure of Kupa's subordinate disguised. When throwing a fireball on Koppa and defeating it, the shell comes off and you can see the identity of his subordinates. Disguised in Koppa is seven kinds of worlds 1 to 7, such as Crisbaw, Nokonoko, Met, Togezo, Jugem, Gessou, Hammer Bros.

◆ 03: "Gears of WarDevelopedCliff BrezinskiMr. Nintendo of America published a magazine "Nintendo Power"The name is posted on the first issue as Super Mario Brothers High Scorer winner.

◆ 04:Sonic seriesBeing the creator ofNakashi YasushiHe created "Sonic the Hedgehog" from his experiences challenging the Super Mario Brothers World 1 as many times as quickly as possible, he saidTalkis.

◆ 05: "Why does Mario eat mushrooms grow bigger", Nintendo'sInaugurated as Creative FellowMr. Shigeru Miyamoto said, "People who wander into the forest with old tales always eat mushrooms as they can say"Descriptiondoing.

In addition, Mr. Miyamoto talks about the idea that "Mario will become big" in the interview in September 2015.

The birth parents talk about how Mario's "1-1" was made such as "Torbow is a traitor of mushroom" - GIGAZINE

◆ 06: In the initial design, it was thought to equip a rocket pack (flying device) where Mario can dash in the air, a beam gun and weapons for close combat.

◆ 07: There is a trick of being able to beat an enemy without being damaged when Mario jumps from under the enemy while falling.

◆ 08: In 2 player mode, it is possible to interrupt the game only for "Player 1" operating Mario. "Player 2" using Luigi was unable to stop the progress of the game, but was released in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Mario "Super Mario Collection(Super Mario All - Stars) "has been fixed.

◆ 09: Although it was said that a method to continue jumping on a no-nokoko and getting 1UP indefinitely was said to be a bug, Mr. Miyamoto said "intentionally designed"Revealis.

You can see how infinite 1UP is going on from the following movie.

Super Mario Brothers Classic 1up Trick - YouTube

◆ 10: If you repeat the infinite 1UP above more than 128 times, if you make a mistake on the next stage it will automatically game over.

◆ 11:Phantom's "-1 face"Was originally designed as "World 36-1". However, if you display the number "36" in the game, the "blank space" used at 36th in the code index table is displayed and "minus 1 side" was born.

A woman who can not enter the "-1 face" of the vision of Mario many times does not matter how many times it is reproduced in the work force - GIGAZINE

◆ 12: In the above "-1 surface", when entering the last pipe, it returns to the beginning of the stage and the same surface loops forever,Family computer disk systemThere is another version of "-1 face" in the Super Mario Brothers version. On another version of the -1 side, clearing the three stages will result in a game over.

◆ 13: Super Mario Brothers succeeded in doing infinite 1UP at all stages and has uploaded a videoGames HayaThere is a YouTube user named.

◆ 14: Super Mario Brothers cassette has brown ball shaped objects that were not used in the gameExistenceTo do.

◆ 15: When saving data, objects such as background bushes and clouds are saved as the same sprite.

◆ 16: If you take mushrooms in the air and press the A button, the height of the jump after Mario gets bigger than usual.

◆ 17: After encountering the hammer broth, if you keep still without moving the mario, the hammer broth will come closer and will chase Mario.

Hammer Bros chase Mario - YouTube

◆ 18: If you collect all the coins on each side of the world, you can make "Hidden 1UP mushroom" appear on one side of the next world.

◆ 19: When you reach the top of the bean tree by penetrating the clouds, you can see how Mario clings to the beanstalk and dances.

Mario dancing on top of a vine on The Lost Levels - YouTube

◆ 20: In world 3-3 it is possible to jump past the apex of the goal flag. Challenging to overcome the battlefield in World 3-3, you can see the success situation around 2 minutes and 15 seconds of the following movie.

Super Mario Jumps Over the Flagpole! - YouTube

◆ 21: Super Mario Bros. has not been transplanted Nintendo's game hard is Nintendo 64 only.

◆ 22: Virtual Console for Wii U "NES COM REMIX 2(NES Remix 2) "Super Mario Brothers is transplanted as" Super Luigi Brothers ". Luigi can jump higher than Mario, but the speed to stop suddenly is slower than Mario.

◆ 23: In the "Super Mario Collection", there are several points that have been improved in the Super Mario Brothers that were difficult to play. For example, when there is a lot of life at the start, Mario goes under the conventional position because the fireball that the bubble gives out is higher than usual, Mario can easily go through underneath, if you go through the correct route on a stage like a maze like World 7-4 It has been improved to sound and sound.

◆ 24: The NEC PC-8801 mkII SR and the Hudson made "Super Mario Brothers Special" made for SHARP X1 turbo, the progress of the game is not screen scrolling, the screen switching type, the character and the whole stage are close to the primary color Vivid color It is said that "the worst game design among the official software" is being designed with.

Let's Play Super Mario Bros. Special - World 1 - YouTube

◆ 25: The arcade version "" VS. Super Mario Bros. "is made with a higher degree of difficulty than the original Super Mario Brothers, that there are many enemy characters, few items, no warp location found.

◆ 26: Super Mario Brothers was originally planned as the final work of software for family computers. Nintendo was promoting the transition to "Family Computer Disk System" which uses disc media rather than cassette, but as a result, the disc system did not spread so much and it was only released in Japan.

◆ 27: Super Mario Brothers was released in Europe and the United States about 1 month after it was released in Japan, but the official release date in Europe and the United States is not clear. Several documents written as "October 12, 1985" have been found, but the information on the release date is interleaved, and the formal date is still unknown now.

◆ 28: The minimum score when the Super Mario Brothers is cleared to the final side is 500 points.

Super Mario Bros. - 500 Point Run - YouTube

◆ 29: By using the trick technique,Clear all stages within 5 minutesIt is also possible.

◆ 30: Mario's live-action work is "Super Mario Bros(Super Mario goddess of the Empire of Makai) "and"The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!In addition to the "1989" was broadcast "Mario Ice CapadesThere is also a television program called.

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