A site that simulates a confusing fee when using the iPhone with cheap SIM appeared

In May 2015, since SIM unlocking of mobile terminals became mandatory, interest in SIM-free terminals and cheap SIM is rising even in Japan. Nonetheless, there are a lot of people who have abandoned so quickly in the complications even when they start to calculate how much they will be cheaper when switching from a career to a cheap SIM. In such a case it is useful for mobile phone information site "Mobile Research Institute"It is a fee simulator when using SIM free terminal of iPhone 6s / 6s Plus with cheap SIM, which is released.

IPhone 6s / 6s Plus, SIM Free & Cheap SIM fee simulation made! | Mobile Research Institute

What is open to the simulation is Yusuke Sakakura's cell phone information site "Mobile Research Institute". When opening the simulation page, the following table is displayed so that you can search fees by iPhone's contract method, type and capacity, subscription plan etc at a single shot.

Looking closely, tabs of cheap SIM suppliers of "IIJmio", "OCN Mobile ONE", "mineo" and "DMM mobile" are made above the table. In the case of IIJmio at the top left, you can choose from 3 different price plans.

OCN Mobile ONE is basically the same, but you can choose from 5 different price plans.

With mineo, it is possible to simulate a fee that received a discount of 6 months in "DoCoMo Line Plan Start Commemorative Campaign" in addition to the four kinds of price plans. Unlike the other three companies, the fee includes SMS.

And DMM mobile like this. Although it seems that there are only two types of rate plans, actually, by clicking on the pull-down menu, it is possible to select from "Light" to "20 GB"Single course, A combination of data SIM / voice SIM to get a total of 3 cards to use on multiple terminalsShare courseYou can choose your desired plan from. People who know the plan of the company have a very detailed charge setting as you can see.

As a matter of fact, IIJmio simulated it by setting "MNP (other than SOFTBANK)", "iPhone 6s Plus 64GB", "AppleCare + Yes", "Lite start plan", "voice call function (SMS function or whatever you choose)" The monthly payment amount was 2397 yen, the terminal price was 136,548 yen, the payment amount of one year was 169,819 yen, the total amount paid in 2 years was 198,590 yen was displayed.

And simulating similar contents with DMM mobile which says the industry lowest price, the payment amount of one year was 165,579 yen, the total amount paid in 2 years was displayed as 192,110 yen.

In addition to comparing the cheap SIM rates of these four companies, the Mobile Research Institute has also released simulators that correspond to DoCoMo, au, and SoftBank 3 carriers. If you calculate under conditions similar to cheap SIM, you can see that there is a price difference between major carriers and cheap SIM unexpectedly, so it seems that people who think that they want to lower their mobile fee are worth a try .

Price simulation of iPhone 6s / 6s Plus! Campaign also supported | Mobile Research Institute

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