Mario and the stage are too surreal like jelly "Jelly Mario" is fun to become habit

Since its launch in 1985, he has created many players "Super mario bros"Various parody games by fans are created. Meanwhile, the game engineer'sStefanSaid that Mario and obstacles became jelly like jelly "Jelly Mario"We created a parody game called"

Jelly Mario can play from the browser at the following site.

Jelly Mario by @schteppe

This is the movie I actually tried playing "Jelly Mario".

I tried to play a mysterious game "Jelly Mario" Mario turned into jelly

When the game starts, the opening screen will be displayed. Mario fell sideways on the left side of the screen.

Operation is done with only the arrow key on the keyboard. As soon as I got the mushroom on the right side of the screen I started and I tried to move Mario rightward, but Mario will not walk with my own feet and will roll down to the ground as soon as I snap into the ground.

I will somehow make it stand straight, but Mario will only move on a screen on the screen.

Since there is no choice, I will move on rolling. When Mario's body collides with the ground vigorously, along with a stupid sound effect called "Poyon", it bounces a bit and floats up.

Just because my foot hit the ground below, I tried jumping by pressing the up arrow key ......

I messed up the letters on the top. Apparently, not only Mario but also floating letters and the stage themselves seem to be pleasing like jelly.

If you take mushrooms with letters scattered on the screen as they are ... ...

The first stage began.

Suddenly saw no - no - noko appearance, but movement is pleasing as to whether the sauce is also jelly.

Avoid jumping around the rolling squirrel. With the momentum that jumped, Mario's body shrank, and a stupid painting surface has been developed.

On the left side of the screen, the squirrel and cribo which came from the right side of the screen are lying down sideways.

Inadvertently Mario touches enemy character ......

I do not know the reason, but enemy characters also Mario bursts.

It is more than I imagined scattering.

Apparently Mario is able to double jump or triple jump by pressing the up arrow key in the air.

You can also advance the stage while jumping over high points.

"I wonder if items will come out properly when I push the Hatena block ... ..." I tried landing because I became interested ... ...

As a matter of course I failed and got stuck in the ground.

Desperately deserting the structure ......

Successfully head buttered on the Hatena block.

Unfortunately, however, Hata Shinku bounced back Mario with "Boyong", and he did not get any items.

This clay pipe is supposed to be hard. You can not enter inside and warp.

When you hit a floating block, the block that is usually fixed in space drifts as it is in the air as it is.

As you scatter the screen block, Mario is also floating, so it looks like a zero gravity space.

I managed to see a flag indicating the end of the stage, so if I just thrust into the last sport, ...

What a pole of the flag gently folds into a gangster.

The flag that turns quite tangle with Mario feels very stupid.

Moreover, this pole clinging to the body of Mario, it can not escape quite easily.

For a while continue to struggle while giving out a missing sound effect "Pyeonpyeong" ......

Finally escape.

Go to the other side of the building ......

The next stage begins.

This time I suddenly contacted Kuribo. For some reason Mario's head just flew without exploding, this is a terrible picture by this.

Since there is a coin on the block, trying to take ......

Somehow I could not take the coin, the block was scattered.

Then I will slide on the side of the low walls and beyond.

For Mario to pass through the low ceiling, you have to force your body to force.

Although it is "Jelly Mario" which is strangely surreal atmosphere, there was fun to become a habit for some reason when I actually played. People who care about may play fun unexpectedly when playing.

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