"FlapMMO" that you can play Flappy Bird with a large number of users

While 5,500 reviews were posted a day, the developer said "I can not bear it any more" and the popular mobile game deleted from the App Store and Google Play "Flappy BirdIt is possible to play on the browser "Flap MMO"is. Unlike normal Flappy Bird, FlapMMO has become a specification that other players playing the game at that time are displayed on the screen, so I tried to actually play because it seems like a surreal atmosphere.

FlapMMO - flapmmo.com

You can check the movie that actually played FlapMMO and reached the 10th earthen tube as follows.

I actually played "FlapMMO" - YouTube

When you access FlapMMO, the game suddenly starts without saying the presence or absence. You can display letters on the birds you operate by putting characters in the input space above the screen.

Then start the game. The game advances towards the right with side scroll, and the player simply skips through the clay pipe while jumping by pushing one of the keys of the keyboard. However, the hit judgment is severely difficult and the difficulty is such as Very Hard.

Translucent birds with Walla Walla on the screen are the other players. Although it is one step before reaching the first clay pipe, other players hit the clad pipe one after another and fall to the ground.

I cleared the first clay pipe safely. Although it is the first gate, the number of all players has been cut to about half.

Challenge the second clay pipe while the tension yarn is tight.

I cleared the second piece of clay to the side that another player falls to the ground.

When you reach the third pipe, you will notice that there are few other players.

The 3rd clay pipe is also safe. In the front, other players are stuck in the fourth and fifth clay pipe.

Rush into the fourth one. There are only two other players behind him. I thought that three people would overcome them together ... ...

The two people are sorry for sinking. Only three people are visible to the front.

While moving toward the 5th pipe, confirm that other players will fall to the ground. Anxiety which can not say anything has attacked.

I managed to jump at a good timing and managed to clear the fifth one. However, this is a desperate situation that all the other players have fallen to the ground.

While there are no other players, it seems likely to hit the sixth earthen pipe ... ...

Somehow cleared for other players who have gone.

After that, we will clear up to 7, 8 and 9 in the field where no one has passed.

However, it finally crashed into the clay pipe after the 10th.

Birds fell to the ground with Potri and the game is over.

Even if the game is over, if you press the key, the new game will start soon. The timing to quit the game is difficult, and if it gets hooked up, it can happen that several hours have passed, so it seems better to play as much as you can while taking a break.

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